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High On Fire, Wiegedood - High On Fire kills again
With Matt Pike being clean and the new album Luminiferous under the belt things are going great with High On Fire. The new album is welcomed by the press and fans as a gift so, Metalrage is eager to visit the band once again and hopes to hear lots of new songs. Before High On Fire hits the stage the Church of Ra band Wiegedood will show us how a mixture of Black Metal and nineties screamo.

Sunday night after a few seconds buzzing intro all hell breaks loose with an aggressive blast beat and a snarling guitar sound not unlike Wolves in the Throne Room or the heavier parts from Deafheaven. The trio of Wiegedood understands how to get the attention immediately. After a small moment of quiet guitar tones once again they burst out in razor-sharp, tight and fast Black Metal. The end of the set has a song with groove and pounding drum parts. Especially the drums are convincing in all the songs that are from the debut album ‘De Doden Hebben het Goed’.
When High on Fire starts his set with a mixture of Stoner Rock, Doom Metal and kick ass Rock ‘n Roll the contrast is big, however both bands serve an intense and inspiring set. Directly starting with a new song the temperature is rising in the small room of the Patronaat. The crowd reacts furious on a Sunday night but you cannot blame it when crowd favorites as ‘Speedwolf’ and ‘Cometh Down Hessian’ are played.
The band plays a lot of songs from their new album ‘Luminiferous’. Like ‘De Vermis Mysteriis’, this album is recorded by Kurt Ballou of Converge, but the new songs takes a slightly different direction with the use of more vocal harmonies and elaborate structures without sacrificing venom. Matt Pike has an unbridled penchant for the badass, bare-chested with his pants slung low and guitar slung lower. He once again proves he is an expert tone constructionist that excels in playing brutal riffs combined with guitar solos. Never the band is slowing down and as a full grown son of Motorhead they cannot. The fast and punky rager ‘Slave the Hive’ is a new song that sure will be the next crowd favorite while ‘The Dark Side of the Compass’ is mid-tempo banger. As encore ‘Snakes of the Divine’ ends the five quarters of raging Heavy Metal. With loads of energy every one returns home!