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Killswitch Engage - Supported by Johnny Truant
Last night is was time again to see Killswitch Engage play in the Netherlands. The last time I have seen them was almost one year ago in Utrecht. This time they were supposed to be supported by Johnny Truant and As I Lay Dying. But the last one had bus troubles near Hamburg. To be exact, one wheel of their tour bus left its position...

Like said above the first band of the night was Johny Truant, partially Metalcore, and sometimes some Mathcore parts in the music. But they just didn’t do anything to me. I really loved their drummer but the guitar player wasn’t hitting his parts and it just didn’t sound right. But on the other hand the vocalist was singing a great show, too bad he and the rest of the band were just trying to hard. Just be natural and do something but the movements on stage were forced and that was making their performance look fake.

Because As I Lay Dying wasn’t present, Killswitch Engage had to start early and when they hit the stage it was one big party. If there is one party band around it has to be this one (And machine head! ed). This night, nothing was wrong with the band. In the beginning there were some sound problems in the venue but after a couple of songs it sounded great and every band member was partying like their lives depended on it! Songs like Numbered Days, My Last Serenade and Rose of Sharyn all were played and guitarist Adam was trying to get the audience even crazier.

After a 50 minute set the band left the stage to return 2 minutes later and they played two more songs. And there is just nothing wrong with the live performance of this band, Howard has really improved his vocal qualities and the rest are just amazing musicians.

There will be an interview with bassist Mike online soon. We had a great night and this concert concluded the past 5 days with 5 concerts. We sure had a blast and now it is time to rest!