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Killswitch Engage, The Haunted, Bring Me The Horizon - Short, Heavy, Party Metal!
January 17th, the day I was looking forward to for a long, long time. The reason; Killswitch Engage. Ever since they played in Holland for the very first time I’m a big fan of the band, thus visiting all their shows in the country. This time me and an a friend of mine went to Utrecht to join Buzzin Hornet, Niamen, Sledgehammer Messiah and Carn to have a great evening!
Bring Me The Horizon
The first band on stage was Bring Me The Horizon from Britain. Because I already heard they were gonna support I checked some of their material on their MySpace and I must say I quite liked it. It actually made me pretty curious to their live show and I expected quite some heaviness on stage. Too bad it didn’t really work out for me the way I wanted. The sound was really fucked up which caused kind of an ‘empty’ show. Lots of important elements from the songs just didn’t make it towards the audience and therefore I can’t really say the band blew me away. Bring Me The Horizon really isn’t that bad (judging from their online material) but I don’t think this band will get much bigger than they are right now. Lets just say it was a nice warming up for what was yet to come. (review BoEk)
The Haunted
The Haunted was supposed to do a European headlining tour, but they cancelled it to support Killswitch Engage during their tour. Understandable, because they’re reaching much bigger crowds this way, but they sure didn’t please their fans with this action. When they started their show with ‘The Flood’, just like a few months ago when they played in the Netherlands, the audience was pretty apathetic, but with the next song, ‘99’, The Haunted fans seemed to emerge from everywhere all of a sudden. A respectable pit got started, so there were quite some The Haunted fans present after all. Mainly songs from the latest album were played tonight, which had obviously less impact on the crowd than the older material, although Peter Dolving was doing his very best to get more activity going on. It only worked partially, but the strong presentation and tight musicianship sure made this an impressive show again. No At The Gates covers this evening and again we didn’t got to hear ‘DOA’, but with the classic song ‘Bury Your Dead’ this show ended with a big bang. (review Sledgehammer Messiah)
Killswitch Engage
Finally the guys from Killswitch Engage entered the stage. And although I already knew guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz wouldn’t play this night I still felt a little disappointed when I noticed it really was someone else that took over Adam’s duties. Though, now I could just focus on the music itself without getting distracted by Adam’s clown act. And, it has to be said, Peter Wichers (ex-Soilwork) did a great job on replacing Adam. Musically there wasn’t really a difference between the two line-ups, which was something I was a little afraid of already.
Right from the start the crowd was going crazy and it was obvious it was gonna be another great KsE show. I screamed my lungs out during the entire set and fortunately there were a lot more people doing the same thing. The band played a nice combination of their old material and their latest As Daylight Dies material. And although I normally wanna hear more new stuff than old stuff, in the case of KsE I just can’t get enough of anything of their material. No matter what, it’s heavy and it’s freakin’ awesome! I highly enjoyed myself during the entire show and I hope they’ll come back very soon. Hopefully Adam will get better soon so that he can set things strait by coming back here soon! Songs that were played are: ‘A Bid Farewell’, ‘Rose Of Sharyn’, ‘My Last Serenade’, ‘Daylight Dies’, ‘Unbroken’ and others. (review BoEk)