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Killswitch Engage, Sylosis, Heartist - Killswitch Engage shows how to get a crowd feeling fine
The last time Killswitch Engage played in The Netherlands was the second gig with Jesse back on vocals. While it was clear that he used to play in this band back in the early days, it seemed a little uncomfortable during that show. Today they would have more experience in performing together and they would bring two support acts: Heartist and Sylosis.

The band that would kick off this evening was the American experimental band
Heartist. This band has only existed since 2011 and they’ve already been signed by Roadrunner Records. The room was quite empty during the first song, but filled up more and more as the set went on. Nevertheless, a lot of people couldn’t be bothered that there was a band on stage and kept talking. Although they really tried to get the crowd going, I’m not sure if this band was suited to be on this tour. It had a mix of so many genres that I couldn’t get into it and it was very awkward. The band itself played pretty well, but I just couldn’t understand this music.

After this weird beginning it was time for some British music by
Sylosis. The band has a high level of Trivium. The music, the show and even the members reminded me of them, which really isn’t a bad thing. Because they had very few moments of interaction with the crowd, the crowd couldn’t get pumped up. Although the band asked for a circle pit, and they got a small one, and a wall of death, which failed miserably, that was about the only movement the band got going. They played very tight and the guitar solos received some applause. It was a really interesting band, but if you don’t know any songs by this band it may sound like a few very long songs instead of a big set.

It was already clear that it would be a fun night when the intro song played. As guitarist
Adam, also known as the Jim Carrey of Killswitch Engage, entered the stage, he started with the sentence “Smoke weed everyday” something we would hear many times this evening. It was time for the first song when Jesse joined Adam on stage: one of the newer songs called “The Hell In Me”. Of course there was immediate movement in the crowd in the shape of a nice moshpit. While KSE played very well about one year ago in Tivoli, this time they probably played even better. The band members enjoyed themselves and showed that to the crowd too. Some small jokes by Adam not only got Jesse laughing out loud, but a large part of the crowd as well. Today the band played some songs from every album except their self-titled one. So they didn’t only play new songs like “No End In Sight” but also a lot of older songs as “A Bid Farewell”, “The End Of Heartache”, “Life To Lifeless” and “Self Revolution”. Both the band and the crowd had a lot of fun and many crazy things happened, but after 14 songs it was already time to leave the stage and let the crowd scream for more. Of course, the band had to come back to play “My Last Serenade”.

What they left was a very tired, but also very happy, crowd. Probably one of the best shows by this band in The Netherlands, but what will it be like on August 7th, when they come back to Eindhoven to play in an even smaller venue? Only time can tell….