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Gojira - Godzilla who?
A lot of trouble occured with the booking of this show. It was supposed to be a big tour with all kinds of Earache Records bands and stuff, but all that got replaced by some shows in some small bars in Holland. Nevertheless, I had to see their first show in my country, and goddamn what a show it was!
Opening act was again replaced, this time by The Darkest Red. They played a style quite comparable with what Gojira does, only with more metalcore in it. The music was highly aggressive but missed the matching stage performance.
The vocalist had a nice scream, but unfortunately that was the only sound he got out of his throat. The bass player had a way too small amplifier to be heard reasonably. You could hear most of the higher tones he struck, but all the lower ones were quite lost in all the noise. The drummer and guitarist seemed to be carrying the entire band, because they could best be heard and they were playing quite tight.
Nothing to get too enthusiastic about, but not something you should run away for either.
Then it was time for France’s Gojira to enter the stage. Immediately when they started I was sucked in this whirlpool of metal madness. Those catchy metal/mathcore like riffs with very harmonic parts in it seemed to grab me quite severe. I felt it was kind of a combination between Strapping Young Lad, Mastodon and Swarm Of The Lotus, all that with their own touch to it.
They played so damn tight that it felt as if I had just put their CD in my player and turned the volume open way too far. Especially their drummer gave a monstrous show. His power and tightness almost stood above everything. And to top that all, he even gave a little drum solo.
I can say nothing but good about this show and that’s something that’s not too ordinary. But one thing I don’t understand about these guys. They seem to have some kind of effect pedal that I have never seen before that allows them to create a unique sound when practicing a slide on their guitars. Very weird, but very interesting.
With that I want to conclude my review. In my opinion this band should have been touring with the likes of Mastodon, The Dillinger Escape Plan or Opeth even. Give them some festivals this year and this band will be up there in no time.