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Hatebreed - Destroying the HMH or Melkweg?
We all know that Korn cancelled their European tour by now. One of their opening acts was Hatebreed, for some an odd choice probably. But fortunately in the two days after Korn’s cancellation a new show was arranged in a different venue in Amsterdam. And of course I still wanted to go!
The opening act for this night became the Dutch/Belgium act Angel Crew, I had never heard of them but its members came from some other established hardcore acts. Some fine hardcore songs were thrown at the crowd to warm them up, and they did a good job at that. Old-skool riffing combined with metalcore moshparts with a very good and convincing drummer got the first fires started. Accompanied by two vocalists this was a nice and enthusiastic show. Certainly a worthy opener for the almighty band yet to come.
If there’s one thing Hatebreed is good at, its pissing me of like hell. And if it wasn’t for my fucked up shoulder condition I would have cracked some skulls with them this evening. Instead some headbanging would do fine for me. Their sound was very clear (except for some of the fast parts) and most of all incredibly loud. After like three songs in front of a speaker I decided to move my ass to the back of the venue, near the bar and right behind a nice (female) ass that said Chimaira. It couldn't get any better than this. But it did, since Hatebreed played every single fucking song I wanted to hear, spewing out material from their first to their upcoming record. Tracks like ‘A Call For Blood’, ‘Conceived Through An Act Of Violence’, Last Breath’, ‘Doomsayer’  ‘Perseverance’ and to top it all of they finished with ‘I Will Be Heard’. Although a mere 250 people were present, the party still erupted like it always does. After the manslaughter ended I felt quite relaxed and at ease, my hate was out of my system for the next couple of days for sure! Can’t wait to hear the next record and to see those concrete monsters at work again.