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Arch Enemy, Textures - World Tyranny Tour
If you went to see Arch Enemy during last year’s The Black Crusade tour, you sure came off really badly with their four-song setlist. Tonight things went completely different when the Swedes were headlining a packed Melkweg in our capital city Amsterdam.

I couldn’t have wished for a better support act than our own Textures. These Dutch progressive masters are about to release their third album, and so it was an excellent try out to see what the new songs sounded live. I was curious anyway, because I had no idea of their current popularity since I hadn’t seen them in quite a long time. That they’ve become bigger was immediately clear when the band entered the stage, receiving loud applause. The (young) crowd was ready to be warmed up!

What followed was a 45 minute long energetic set, starting with newcomer ‘Old Days Born Anew’ and followed by a couple more new tracks (‘The Sun’s Architect’ and a calmer one, ‘One Eye For A Thousand’ if I’m correct) as well as some older ones (for e.g. ‘Swandive’). The sound in the hall was excellent, although I wonder if people who aren’t familiar with their music would notice Textures' brilliant guitar playing and technical masterpieces. I however couldn’t care less ‘cause I was - once again - enjoying Textures' ability to do everything right - being just as heavy as beautiful and just as encouraging as reserved. Excellent. (Mindsaver)

I was pretty surprised by the big amount of people that came to see Arch Enemy tonight, the venue was completely packed. Of course Arch Enemy was doing well since singer Angela joined on Wages of Sin, but with last year’s release Rise of the Tyrant things really started to get big. Consequentially delivering every two years a record and touring with popular bands which appeal young fans paid off. So a lot of young people came to take a look at how Arch Enemy performs live. Their last European tour as support of Machine Head wasn’t really representative with just four songs. As I’m used to from Arch Enemy, they did a magnificently professional show. An extremely good sound, tight musicianship and a good feel for making a real show. Both Amott brothers did a standalone guitar solo and also the drummer had time for himself to do a solo. Really everything is right and thought through in an Arch Enemy show. I was however quickly bored because this leaves almost no room for any spontaneous actions and the huge amount of over the top guitar melodies and guitar solos really killed me. Apart from that, they did a great job, as always can be expected of Arch Enemy. (Sledgehammer Messiah)