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Former The Haunted frontman signs to release 'Thieves and Liars' solo album in march
Former The Haunted frontman Peter Dolving will release his solo album entitled "Thieves And Liars" on March 19 via Deadlight Entertainment.

According to a press release, "Thieves & Liars" "is far from the idea of metal and hardcore. Instead, [the Cd] spring from layers of guitars, classic rock, eclectic melodies and even goth. The Cure, New Order, My Bloody Valentine, Massive Attack and Mark Lanegan are names that spring to mind in describing the record that was recorded in 2011/2012, mixed by Burst and SÓLstafir producer Fredrik Reinedahl and mastered by legendary producer/engineer Tue Madsen (Sick Of It All, Hatesphere)."

Regarding how the effort came together, Dolving said, "Beginning in July 2011, I had come to a place in my life and art where for some reason I knew, this is it. No more adapting to groups, superficial ideas of genres, or styles. I started recording, with no censoring, complete flow of consciousness. Free creation. Finally. Without restraints. And I made a couple of songs every weeks, it just kept pouring out. I realized this was a truly inspired record falling into play.

"As the songs kept coming, I asked Per Möller Jensen, who I'd been playing with in The Haunted for 10 years if he would like to play on the record, and he was completely open for diving into it. He explained he wanted time to really put his heart into and certainly he did. Mixing an amazing classic rock feel and a energetic inspiring jazz influence his drums blew my mind as I heard what he had come up with for the songs.

"I spoke to [producer] Tue Madsen, who I had befriended during hours of work with The Haunted, we share a deep love of music and we decided that he would master. Fredrik Reinedahl who got involved with House Of Dolving back when we started recording in 2011 has become a dear friend along the process. We met each other for the first time back in summer of '95 and he kept playing stuff to me that I really love that he had or was mixing. Burst, Passengers, Abandon and later SÓLstafir. The man is a bona fide sound wizard and really one of the smartest, loving people I know.

"And a year after a couple of hundred alone long nights at end, it's all in place. This is 'Thieves And Liars'.

"I really hope you will enjoy it as much we have making it."

"Thieves And Liars" track listing:

01. Meinhof
02. Song For You
03. Hands On
04. One Sweet Moment
05. Ordinary Folk
06. Sunday Mornings
07. Cocksucker Blues
08. My Will To Die
09. No Solicitors
10. So Sick
11. All This Beauty

"Hands On" can be streamed below.

Previously a vocalist for Mary Beats Jane, Dolving joined The Haunted in 1997 and sang in their debut self-titled album. In 1998, he left the group to concentrate on a band called Zen-Monkey but returned in 2003 following the departure of Marco Aro (the vocalist which took over Dolving's spot after Peter's 1998 exit). He has since appeared on the studio albums "Revolver" (2004), "The Dead Eye" (2006), "Versus" (2008) and "Unseen" (2011).

Thieves & Liars by Peter Dolving

Thieves And Liars by Peter Dolving