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Devildriver - Devildriver
Devildriver - Dez Fafara (ex-coal chamber)'s new band. Reviewed by [b]Demon Dust[/b] Just think of Coal Chamber without the clean parts, and then ten times faster with a metal-only sound. That�s Devildriver. The name actually means the name witches give to the bells they use to drive away evil when casting their spells. But this is a new Roadrunner Records metalband, which suits me fine too. The CD starts of fast and loud and it ends fast and loud. No ballad, and only one clean part (the intro for �I Could Care Less�). No singing involved in this game. Only screaming, grunting and more inhumane sounds. For me �Die (and die now)� is the best track. It contains a little blast beat in it and a lot of crash. Dez Fafara definitely proves that he can do real metal too and he�s got a great band to prove it with. The rest of the band consist of a good friend of Dez�s, Evan Pitts, on guitar and musicians �stolen� from local bands. This mix of driven musicians has led to a good heavy mix of black/death/heavy metal and is ass kicking. It�s just a bit of a pity that it ends after a mere 41 minutes. Let�s hope we�ll hear more from this brutal kick-ass band! � Line-up: � Dez Fafara � vocals Evan Pitts � guitar Jeffrey Kendrick � guitar John Miller � bass John � Boecklin � drums � Tracklist: � 1.����� Nothing�s Wrong 2.����� I Could Care Less 3.����� Die (and die now) 4.����� I Dreamed I Died 5.����� Cry For Me Sky (eulogy of the scorned) 6.����� The Mountain 7.����� Knee Deep 8.����� What Does It Take (to be a man) 9.����� Swinging The Dead 10.� Revelation Machine 11.� Meet The Wretched 12.� Devil�s Son Reviewed by [b]Demon Dust[/b]