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Incubus - Light Grenades
This time Incubus took a long time creating their new album. After their multi platinum release ‘A Crow Left Of The Murder’ which was recorded within a month, the band has been writing and recording for almost one year on their newest effort ‘Light Grenades’.  13 songs of rock in its purest form according to front man Brandon Boyd.

Brandon always used to say Incubus sucked and that they were good at it! But I think millions of fans across the world would disagree with the opinion of numerous critics around the globe. After their monstrous success with ‘A Crow Left Of The Murder’ back in 2004 the band the band has once again delivered a pearl. Once again the band used the qualities of producer Brendan O’Brien to record their album and it is called Light Grenades. A 13 song guideline of making pure rock.

As described above there is not a single weak song on Light Grenades. Opening up with the intro song ‘Quicksand’ and immediately afterwards kicking in with ‘Kiss To Send Us Off’, followed by the extremely beautiful song ‘Dig’ and the (first) single of the album ‘Anna Molly’ the opening will give the fan goosebumps the entire trip! The title track of this album is the fastest song on the disc and shows the musical capabilities of this band. The only minor I still have with the new path this band has chosen is the fact I do not hear their DJ Chris Killmore anymore. At least not that often and if I do, he is not using his turntables.

So, jumping to the conclusion with once again an Incubus album which consists out of nothing else but high quality rock songs. This is a must for all the fans this band got. If you start listening to this disc it will get you and will not let you go in the next months. Simply a must have for the fans and a ‘ty it’ for all rock orientated listeners!
Incubus - Light Grenades
93/1001Details Sony BMG
Released on Thursday Nov 30th, 2006

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Tuesday Dec 5th, 2006

Tags: #Incubus
Tracklisting 1. Quicksand
2. A Kiss to Send Us Off
3. Dig
4. Anna-Molly
5. Love Hurts
6. Light Grenades
7. Earth to Bella (Part I)
8. Oil and Water
9. Diamonds and Coal
10. Rogues
11. Paper Shoes
12. Pendulous Threads
13. Earth to Bella (Part II)
Line up Brandon Boyd - Lead Vocals
Mike Einziger - Guitar, Piano, String arrangements
Jose Pasillas - Drums
Chris Kilmore - Organ, Piano, Mellotron, Samples, Decks
Ben Kenney - Bass
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