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Incubus - Alive At Red Rocks
Incubus is one of the bands that have got the right fanbase. It isn’t like every person in the world is following them, but they are big enough to play at awesome locations and spend a lot of money on their live show and performance. Last year they released their sixth studio album ‘A Crow Left of The Murder’ and the result was a world tour. I saw them in the Netherlands at may 23rd in Ahoy, Rotterdam. It sure was a marvellous show with a lot of surprises during the set. 2 months later, it was time to shoot the DVD for this world tour and they chose Red Rocks, Denver Colorado. When I visited Siem in Maastricht and I saw this DVD I just had to buy it. The same night we watched it on his laptop and the following weeks I have watched this one many times.

The Theatre
The Red Rocks Amphitheatre is located in the 816 acre Red Rocks park. This one is the only naturally occurring amphitheatre in the world and Incubus has chosen a great location to record their DVD. Lead singer Brandon Boyd tells the audience during the set that this location is the most beautiful stage he has ever performed on and I can imagine why. The stage is at the bottom of some kind of stairs. And the audience is standing at a higher level when they are watching the show. A funny fact is that U2 recorded a live show here, too.

The Show
Because I am a big Incubus fan I am glad to find songs on the set list like The Warmth, A Certain Shade of Green, Drive, Pardon Me. Besides that the new songs are also great to watch. It is great to see a band changing their set list during a tour, because in Rotterdam they played other songs. During the set, almost every band member gets the chance to show off. In Rotterdam bass player Ben Kenney gave the audience a great solo and I miss that one on the DVD, but he does participate in the drum solo together with Brandon and Jose Passilas II. Guitarist Mike Einziger is showing off his techniques with a massive collection of effects and pedals on the stage and turntablist Chris Killmore shows the audience what mixing is all about during the entire set, but his solo is marvellous. During the set you can see the band enjoying their performance, that is one of the greatest things to see. Before the show, band members are walking around with cameras and afterwards it is once again time to make a picture of the enormous crowd supporting them on this evening. Overall this is one of the best shows on DVD I have seen. The combination of this super location with a great set list and the enthusiastic crowd is a great combination.

Of course the DVD has got some extras. And yes, I say some. If there is one thing I am missing on this DVD, it is a biography or documentary of the band. Tell us what you experienced during your career dudes. That is what the fans love to see, who are you and what makes you make this kind of music.
Well, besides this minor downside, there are some nice extra features. You can see the die hard fans hanging around the theatre before the show and the sound check of the show can be found on the disc. But a very cool feature is that with five songs you can select a visual animation instead of the normal live performance and this is something I have never seen before. Of course I want to see the band, but in the background this is very nice as well.

Bonus CD
An extra mini CD has been added to this DVD for the fans. On this CD you can find unreleased material and some live tracks. Too bad there are only 5 tracks on this CD but it is a great gift and it is great to have those extra tracks on an original incubus CD.

Well, the live concert on this DVD sure is one of the best I have seen so far. Incubus has done a great job by sharing their experience at the Red Rocks with their fanbase. It is a shame that there is no extra documentary about the band or a little story, but the 1,5 hours lasting show more than makes up for that. For a die hard Incubus fan this DVD is definitely a must have. For the people who have heard of Incubus and want to try out this band, buy this dvd and you will instantly fall in love with their music.

Line Up:
Brandon Boyd – Vocals
Mike Einziger – Guitar
Jose Pasillas- Drums
Ben Kenney – Bass
Chris Killmore – Turntables

Set List:
Nice to Now You
Idiot Box
Just a Phase
Beware! Criminal
Wish You Were Here
Here In My Room
Made For TV Movie
Talk Shows On Mute
Sick, Sad Little World
A Certain Shade Of Green
The Warmth
Pardon Me

CD Tracklisting:
Monuments And Melodies
Are You In? (Live – Australia – 26-3-2004)
Circles (Live – Malaysia – 16-3-2004)
Incubus - Alive At Red Rocks
95/1001Details Epic
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Monday Feb 7th, 2005

Tags: #Incubus
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