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Incubus - With The Duke Spirit as a supporting act
When it’s almost spring, and the winter is struggling for its last attempts to show its strength, there is Incubus to make you feel warm a little bit. Together with Buzzin Hornet and Shaydee, I went to the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam to see the band for the first time after their new album was released.
Opener for the night was The Duke Spirit, an Indie rock band from the UK. The band was completely replaceable, but gorgeous lead singer Liela Moss made up for that. This rock chick was definitely up for some good rocking. The rest of the band was pretty dull and didn't really make a show. There was one cool moment though, when all of a sudden Liela took a harmonica and started playing a solo. But I guess the crowd predominantly came for Incubus and so nobody really minded when The Duke Spirit left the stage. (Shaydee)
The previous time Incubus performed as a headlining act in Ahoy, most of the songs came from A Crow Left Of The Murder. This time, with Light Grenades just released, the emphasis of the time when bass player Ben Kenny joined the band was even higher. The band opened with ‘Quicksand’ from the latest album, followed by ‘A Kiss To Send Us Of’ and Wish You Were Here’. The field of stars at the back was replaced by a military curtain which was beautifully lightened by the crew members.
What surprised me was the fact that the crowd was really familiar with the songs from Light Grenades since they differ clearly from previous work. Also, the enthusiasm during ‘Anna Molly’ and ‘Dig’ did not differ from the best songs from Morning View.
As the band continued playing I did notice some instability, especially during some of the slower songs from the new album. Although they were brought with visible passion, ‘Dig’, ‘Earth To Bella’ and even the single ‘Love Hurts’ weren’t as convincing as ‘Drive’ which was simply played by an acoustic guitar at first, followed by a smooth entrance of the other musicians.
My personal highlight of the show came in the last song of the set, ‘Sick Sad Little World’ where Kenny came up with a brilliant bass solo, followed by the rest of the band. After this, the band shortly left the stage to return with ‘Nice To Know You’, ‘Pistola’ and Megalomaniac.
During the concert, I realized that the influence I just asked Kenny about is not to underestimate. Eleven songs originated from the two albums he’s been partly responsible for, indicating that this is a way of songwriting the band enjoys. And although I personally prefer the previous albums, I’d consider Incubus as one of the leaders of modern rock music; both because of their songwriting and live performances. (CarpeSiem) 
A Kiss To Send Us Of
Wish You Were Here
Have You Ever
Anna Molly
Paper Shoes
Earth To Bella
Under My Umbrella
Light Grenades
Love Hurts
Sick Sad Little World
Nice to know you
Details Written on Thursday Mar 22nd, 2007
Writer @CarpeSiem

Tags: #Incubus
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