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High On Fire - Death Is This Communion
If this band still requires an introduction to you I think you’re an asshole! Whaha! Ladies and gentlemen, the fourth full length record of the drill-power-trio High On Fire is here goddammit!
Monstrous riffs, even more monstrous riffs, bone-breaking and skull-bashing drums, haunted screams produced by mass consumption of marijuana and Jack Daniels, and beautiful melodies here and there. The formula of High On Fire surely hasn’t changed a bit on Death Is This Communion (which I find a great title by the way), and that’s just the way we like it. Well, there might be a little more melody here and there though, but the massive stoner-metal build-up-and-destroy parts still reign supreme. A small change is the fact that there are these certain intro songs on the record. The first one is ‘Khanrad’Wall’, which is just basically metal-riffs on an acoustic guitar with an Eastern touch to it, as the title of the next track might reveal. ‘Turk’ is the name, and it’s probably my favourite track of the album. The way it kicks in just gives me shivers. The second intro song follows this track again and goes by the name of ‘Headhunter’. This consists of an impressing drum track leading into the next track 'Rumors Of War', my other favourite track of the album.
Especially the first ten times you spin the disc it really empowers you. But then I got a comment about the album’s production, that it’s not good at all and that the previous record sounds way better. Well I agree that Blessed Black Wings might sound better (although it’s still a matter of taste), but the trademark sound of the band is still very present and I don’t really feel like they’ve lost any power at all. Personally I like the production of Surrounded By Thieves the best anyway because of the rawness.
I already expected this album to be a kick ass record, and I was right. The band surely hasn’t outdone itself yet I think, but has delivered another great addition to their fans’ collection.
High On Fire - Death Is This Communion
88/1001Details Relapse Records
Released on Tuesday Sep 18th, 2007
Stoner Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Saturday Aug 25th, 2007

Tags: #High On Fire
Tracklisting 1. Fury Whip
2. Waste Of Tiamat
3. Death Is This Communion
4. Khanrad's Wall
5. Turk
6. Headhunter
7. Rumors Of War
8. DII
9. Cyclopian Scape
10. Ethereal
11. Return To NOD
Line up Matt Pike - guitar, vocals
Des Kensel - drums
Jeff Matz - bass
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