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Alestorm - Captain Morgan's Revenge
Hailing from Perth, Scotland, I present you Alestorm (formerly known as Battleheart). A folk metal band that describes its own music as Scottish Pirate Metal. How cool does that sound?! Or, as quoted from the bio: “With their cannons fully loaded and their rum-induced songs about raids, treasures and women, Alestorm delivers jolly, drunken Battle Metal full of energy, power and good humor. Join the crew and let the raid begin!” (Try to imagine this read out loud with a Scottish accent, I personally like it even more then!)
What makes this band so outstanding is the typical approach towards the vocals; really pirate-like! You really get into the imaginable world of sailing over the world seas. Also the folky tunes, apparently only created by keyboards – although I hear more than just that – make sure you can visualize the fighting and drinking pirates aboard the vessel. To describe Scottish Pirate Metal in another way: think folk metal with a very original twist to it.
The songs are all quite heavy with some nice guitar solos here and there. Most parts on this album are up-tempo which keeps it all very well listenable. Although there’s this one song, ‘Flower Of Scotland’ which is just a bit too much for me. It tends to lean towards the corner in which bands such as Flogging Molly operate. A bit too happy for me. Not that it doesn’t fit into the pirate tale, it’s just too different from the rest of the songs on Captain Morgan’s Revenge. But then again, it’s the last song of the album so until that song you can enjoy the album to the fullest.
Everybody who’s into Pirates of the Caribbean should (temporarily) delete that part from their minds and listen to this band without thinking of Johnny Depp and co. Otherwise the danger of not being able to take this band serious lies around the corner. Sure, you may think of this band as not being serious at all, but these guys are cool and Pirates is kinda ehm…commercial I guess. What I’m trying to say is, just don’t compare the two and check out these rum-drinking Scotsman! Savie? ARRGGH!
Alestorm - Captain Morgan's Revenge
76/1001Details Napalm Records
Released on Monday Jan 28th, 2008
Scottish Pirate Metal

Writer @Boek on Thursday Jan 17th, 2008

Tags: #Alestorm
Tracklisting 01. Over The Seas
02. Captain Morgan’s Revenge
03. The Huntmaster
04. Nancy The Tavern Wench
05. Death Before The Mast
06. Terror On The High Seas
07. Set Sail And Conquer
08. Of Treasure
09. Wenches & Mead
10. Flower Of Scotland
Line up Christopher Bowes – Vocals, Keyboard
Gavin Harper – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Dani Evans – Bass
Ian Wilson – Drums
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