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Alestorm - Leviathan
Ladies and gentlemen, I invite you to come aboard the vessel once again. Because once again Alestorm is sailing by with its jolly Scottish Pirate Metal. Basically this means pirates singing about women, beer, battles and sailing the seven seas in search for treasures. And all that accompanied by folk metal. I liked the combination last year and I still like it. AARGGHH!

This time the band comes up with an MCD that only holds four songs. Personally I think that’s a good choice since this is music you shouldn’t hear too often and too long. Sure, the music makes you happy and gives you the feeling you’re right in the middle of all them pirates singing and drinking beer, but even that starts to bore you after a while. With only four songs on a disc, Alestorm actually will hold your attention until the end.

What’s left to say about this music in general? It’s folky tunes like we all know from one movie or another, most likely the Pirates of the Caribbean movies though. And yeah, you can hate that film. Still, I’d wish for everyone to check out this music at least once, since it’s really funny music. Just make sure you don’t take it too seriously, and soon you’ll find yourself limping around on a wooden leg and moshing around between the cannonballs. All hands on deck! We’re off!

Oh, and be sure not to forget your pints mates! Cheers!
Alestorm - Leviathan
No ScoreDetails Napalm Records
Released on Wednesday Jan 9th, 2008
Scottish Pirate Metal

Writer @Boek on Tuesday Dec 23rd, 2008

Tags: #Alestorm
Tracklisting 01. Leviathan
02. Wolves Of The Sea
03. Weiber Und Wein
04. Heavy Metal Pirates
Line up Christoper Bowes – Vocals, Keys
Tim Shaw – Guitar
Dani Evans – Bass
Ian Wilson – Drums
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