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Y.O.C. - Metal Warrior Part 1

After three years of silence we from Metalrage once again received some releases from the Turkish singer Yalin Ongun Coskun (Y.O.C.). One of these EPs is called Metal Warrior Part 1 and contains covers from Iced Earth, Iron Maiden en Saxon. I didn’t receive any bios or whatsoever, so I will immediately start with discussing the songs which are on the EP.

The first track is the Iced Earth cover ‘Watching Over Me’. After listening to the original and the cover I can conclude that they did a reasonable job, but nothing more than that. Yalin sings a bit hasty and the real power in the song isn’t present. The solo for example is less convincing than the original and the backing vocals are even worse.

Next up is the Iron Maiden song ‘Futureal’. I’m a real big Maiden fan, but when I heard this version it just didn’t do anything with me. Some crucial elements in Maiden’s music are just missing. The voices are different, but that’s obvious, Y.O.C. uses only one guitar player and especially during the solo part this becomes painfully clear. The solo is really messy and at some points it’s just one big blur. Furthermore I miss the typical bass playing and sound of Steve Harris.
Last track on this short EP is the Saxon cover ‘Crusader’. Just as the previous two tracks this one misses the real power to convince too. The backing vocals aren’t present at some point, the drummer probably has a smaller drum kit and Yalin doesn’t come near the sound which is created by Saxon singer Biff Byford.
Y.O.C. gives it a try, but with this EP they make clear why they aren’t heavy metal legends and why Iron Maiden, Saxon and Iced Earth are. 
Y.O.C. - Metal Warrior Part 1
50/1001Details Self Released
Released on Wednesday Aug 1st, 2007

Writer @Gilles on Tuesday Jan 29th, 2008

Tags: #Y.O.C.
Tracklisting 1. Watching Over Me (Iced Earth)
2. Futureal (Iron Maiden)
3. Crusader (Saxon)
Line up Yalin Ongun Coskun – Vocals
Hakan – Guitars
F-Rat – Bass
Erkan – Drums, Programming&Keyboards