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Y.O.C. - Sanity Within
[b]"Sanity Within"[/b] is the first offering of Turkish singer Y.O.C, who studied vocals and always had a love for metal. After having collaborated with numerous musicians throughout the nineties he started to work on "Sanity" in 2002; A project-band that should get him some recognition. [IMG][/IMG] It's clear where these guys' roots lie; hints of Testament, powermetal and Maiden-like riffs take a front position. Y.O.C.'s voice is something special; I'm not exactly someone who is high on music theory but he often uses eastern sounding chords and melodies for the vocal lines, which can sound a bit odd if you hear it for the first time. Also a compliment for the guitarists who put down some shred solos: good stuff! I think the best tune is [i]No Tomorrow[/i], which has a catchy melodic line that gets stuck in your head and [i]Seeds of Hate[/i], which would make a good opener for gigs. [i]Sanity Within[/i] sounds a bit repetitive to me. It basically has two riffs repeated throughout the tune. The outro tune [i]K.T.T.M.T.[/i] is just a single riff and 5 lines of text, but (again) it has an eastern sound to it thanks to the guitarplaying. This small EP is a good example of what the band wants to accomplish, although I find it hard to judge because it has only 3 real songs on it and an intro and outro. I think the band should try to keep a unique sound by using their eastern/Turkish influences because it really makes it stand out. If Y.O.C. can put a disc full of good oldschool thrash/powermetal tunes with their own twist, then I don't see any problem for the band to play around Europe. Tracklist:
1 - Alone in The Dark
2 - Seeds of Hate
3 - Sanity Within
4 - No Tomorrow
5- K.T.T.M.T.

Oh and guys, get an English friend to check your biography ;)
Y.O.C. - Sanity Within
71/1001Details independent
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Thrash/Power Metal

Writer @Carn on Thursday Aug 19th, 2004

Tags: #Y.O.C.
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