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Y.O.C. - Satans Child

After reviewing Metal Warrior Part 1 yesterday, I’m now writing about Y.O.C.'s EP Satans Child. This EP was originally released somewhere in 2001 and contains one song in three different versions by the Turkish singer Yalin Ongun Coskun. The cover of this EP says: “The lost tracks found. Pre mix tapes are saved as of today 2007 and Satans Child born in 2001. Created by Y.O.C. Vocal tracks on this CD are not mixed, they naturally appeared and exist. Limited to 50 CDs only.” 

If this copy is limited to 50 copies I might be a lucky man, but am I? I can give you a very short answer to that question and the answer is: Hell no! This EP is by far the worst release I ever had to review! Let’s start with the best thing about this release; the artwork. The text on it, which I quoted in the introduction, was barely readable and the artwork itself is just simply hideous. 

The three songs on this disc are three different versions of the song ‘Satans Child’, but they don’t differ that much from each other. The first track is the “no back version” and contains no backing vocals. The second track is with backing vocals - the “big version”- and the third version is instrumental. The song is down-tempo with a harpsichord and sometimes an organ as instruments. ‘Satans Child’ therefore sounds very outdated. 

I’ll give this EP a score of 20% though and that’s because of the thread of this release: everything sucks big time!

Y.O.C. - Satans Child
20/1001Details Self Released
Released on Monday Jan 1st, 2007

Writer @Gilles on Wednesday Jan 30th, 2008

Tags: #Y.O.C.
Tracklisting 1. Satans Child
2. Satans Child
3. Satans Child
Line up Yalin Ongun Coskun – Vocals
Some other people – The other instruments