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Y.O.C. - UndeaD - A Tribute to Iron Maiden
This is not the first Y.O.C. album we at received. This Turkish metal project by singer Y.O.C. is very productive in a region from which we in the west of europe barely get to hear music from. This third effort we received is a three track "tribute to Iron Maiden".

This short demo if you will containes the songs Flash Of The Blade (from Powerslave), Children Of The Damned (Number Of The Beast) and Only The Good Die Young (Seventh Son of a Seventh Son), to compare it I listed to the originals again, before popping the Y.O.C. disc in. And well, what we have here is quite a nice replica of the three songs.

But soon two problems arise: first of all, the album has been recorded with one guitar-player, where-as Maiden uses two, this difference in layering of the guitar sound is very noticeable, and does not add to the score. Second of all, and I'm sorry to say this, but Y.O.C. is very very very far away from Bruce Dickinson. Ofcourse, nobody can top Sir Air Raiden, but mr Y.O.C. has some significant shortcomings in his voice, especially during high notes. I've heard quite some Maiden tribute bands with a better singer.

All in all it is a nice effort, but with less musicians, lesser vocals and no more than three songs, it can be debated wether this is a worthy tribute to one of the greatest bands in the History of rock. If you want to be the judge, visit and find out yourself..

Y.O.C. - UndeaD - A Tribute to Iron Maiden
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Heavy Metal

Writer @Lex on Friday Jan 14th, 2005

Tags: #Y.O.C.
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