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Nasum - Helvete
Without a doubt the best grindcore album I�ve come across in my short metal life. I�m not into grindcore that long to have heard it all, but this ladies and gentlemen, KICKS YOUR ARSE OPEN WIDE AND THROW GRENADES DOWN THE HOLE!!! This album is more than just grind, a lot of hardcore and metal are included in this magnificent release as well. A lot of fast hard parts combined with intelligent technical riffs make a good foundation. Add intensive skilled drumming and a lot of screams to that and it�s Nasum! Tracks like �Scoop�, �Relics�, �We Curse You All� �I Hate People� and �Worst Case Scenario� to name a few, have catchy riffs that you can just play over and over. The songs can all be described as short, fast and extremely powerful. Tracks that last under a minute seem to last three minutes due to the intensiveness and the way they all connect with each other. There is one slower track on the album, which is definitely one of my favourites; �The Final Sleep�. The lyrics are quite different from most other grindcore acts. Instead of giving detailed descriptions of incestuous anal sex with 3 year old rotting corpses from the family crypt, they comment in a serious way on the fucked up society we live in nowadays. Perhaps a bit violent now and then, but it�s still grindcore, don�t forget that. And after little over 35 minutes 22 tracks have obliterated your sound system. And what tracks they were! Play it again, and again and again and again!!!! This is grind the way I�ve never heard it before. And the best way there is! Tracklist: 1. Violation 2. Scoop 3. Living next door to malice 4. Stormshield 5. Time to discharge 6. Bullshit 7. Relics 8. We curse you all 9. Doombringer 10. Just another hog 11. Drop dead 12. I hate people 13. Go! 14. The final sleep 15. Slaves to the grind 16. Breach of integrity 17. The everlasting shame 18. Your words alone 19. Preview of hell 20. Illogic 21. Whip 22. Worst case scenario Line-up: Mieszko A. Talarczyk � lead vocals and guitars Jesper Liver�d � bass and low vocals Anders Jakobson � drums
Nasum - Helvete
99/1001Details Relapse Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Nasum
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