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Wednesday 13 - Skeletons

About a month ago I went to Utrecht to witness a show of horrorpunker Wednesday 13 with his same-named band. During that show, many songs that came of the new Skeletons record were played. While the record was just released 2 days prior to this show, the crowd was singing along as if they knew the songs for years now. The show was very energetic and the biggest question now is whether they managed to create a comparable energy-level on the album, or not.

With opener ‘Scream Baby Scream’ it immediately starts off in the right way. The songs aren’t that original, but that doesn’t matter. When you are going to listen to an album of Wednesday 13 (or for example Murderdolls) you’ll have a certain expectation and with Skeletons, Wednesday 13 totally lives up to this expectation. Songs like ‘Not Another Teenage Anthem’ and ‘Gimmie Gimmie Bloodshed’ are the perfect anthems for the youngsters amongst us, while the music is also good fun for the older ones.

With the title track, we can also find a nice semi-ballad on this record. In contrary to ‘My Demise’, which doesn’t have any impact at all. ‘Skeletons’ is also one of the strongest tracks on the entire album and it fits perfectly in their live-set. Although I prefer a live-show of these horrorpunkers above this album, they have delivered a nice piece of work that may be heard.

Wednesday 13 - Skeletons
75/1001Details Demolution / Suburban
Released on Wednesday May 21st, 2008

Writer @Gilles on Tuesday Jul 1st, 2008

Tags: #Wednesday 13
Tracklisting 01. Scream Baby Scream
02. Not Another Teenage Anthem
03. Gimmie Gimmie Bloodshed
04. From Here To The Hearse
05. Put Your Death Mask On
06. Skeletons
07. My Demise
08. With Friends Like These…
09. No Rabbit In The Hat
10. All American Massacre
11. Dead Caroline
Line up Wednesday 13 – Vocals
Nate Manor – Bass
J-Sin Trioxin – Guitars
Jonny Chops – Drums
Acey Slade – Guitar