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Static-X - Beneath... Between... Beyond...

This is no new Static-X album, it’s a collection of rarities, covers and demo’s all die-hard X-fans should have. I think of it as a great addition to the previous albums since a lot of tracks I hadn’t heard yet are featured on it. A lot of tracks were written quite some time ago and others were written this year, well that about explains the title of the album doesn’t it?

The album features seven cool Static-X tracks of which a couple already were in my possession due to soundtracks and such, like "Anything But This" and "So Real". Then comes "Crash", a track that I’ve known for a long time. It’s together with Mephisto Odyssey and it had a video in support of the new cartoonseries of Batman. It featured Wayne Static with bat ears, check it out.

Then comes a weird mix of "Push It", called JB’s Death Trance Mix, not really my thing. It’s followed up by the Paul Barker (Ministry) mix of "I’m With Stupid", which is really cool.

Then it’s time for some neat covers. The first one is together with Burton C. Bell whom we all know from Fear Factory. The cover is Ministry’s "Burning Inside" and it kicks serious ass. Then comes the biggest disappointment of the entire album; Black Sabbath’s "Behind The Wall Of Sleep". There’s this one riff that keeps on going almost throughout the entire song and it starts to bug you after a while. Shame…

The coolest cover is definitely "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment" of the good ol’ Ramones. It’s done in a punk/industrial style and that's hilarious as well as very cool.

Then we are treated on five demo’s of albumtracks and the fun is over. Sixty minutes of Static-x history, present and future. Definitely a must have for all fans.

Wayne Static – vocals, guitar, programming
Tony Campos – bass, backing vocals
Tripp Rex Eisen - guitar
Nick Oshiro - drums

Track Listing:
1. Breathe
2. Deliver Me
3. Anything But This
4. S.O.M.
5. Down
6. Head
7. So Real
8. Crash
9. Push It (JB’s Death Trance Mix)
10. I’m With Stupid (Paul Barker Mix)
11. Burning Inside
12. Behind The Wall Of Sleep
13. Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
14. I Am (demo)
15. Love Dump (demo)
16. Get To The Gone (demo)
17. New Pain (demo)
18. Otsegolectric (demo) 

Static-X - Beneath... Between... Beyond...
80/1001Details Warner Bros.
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Industrial nu-metal

Writer @DemonDust on Monday May 2nd, 2005

Tags: #Static-X
Line up
Static-X, The Defiled - Evil disco!
Static-X, The Defiled - Evil disco!