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Static-X - Shadow Zone
This new Static-X album dubbed �Shadow Zone� is the follow-up for �Machine� their 2001 release. It comes with a bonus DVD �X-posed� which contains �The History Of Static-x�, Behind-the-scenes Footage Of The Making Of The Album�, �Fan Q & A� and �New Live Performance�. Nice addition to the album, but it raises the price a lot. The DVD has some funny images on it, like Wayne with his hair down and a loose beard and guitarist Tripp Rex Eisen�s roadkill collection put on a car. The CD still has some start-stop riffs with a lot of screaming, but the album also contains a lot of melodic parts with singing. �Destroy All� is the heavy opening song of the album. Again it kicks ass, just like the other opening song of their previous albums. There�s even some grunting coming from bassist Tony Campos and the sounds effects are cool too. Then �Control It� it kicks in. Good pass, but with a more melodic guitar. Not too exiting but still listenable. The third song, �New Pain�, starts with a riff on which Wayne Static uses a real freaky effect on his voice. It sounds real cool and a bit spacy In the bridge of the song you can hear it really well. This is also a bit of a melodic song, but still having them grunts in it. �Shadow Zone� is what Static-X is about! I just love those start-stop riff with a raw voice on them. Only bad thing for me was that there is more of a melodic chorus instead of a exploding one. Reasonable pass in �Dead World� which is a cool song as well. But it�s only a build up for the next song. �Monster� is, I think is the best song of the album, and also the second-shortest one. A really fast start-stop riff with a kind of frog-style singing of Wayne. Fucking ass-kicking! Continuing to �The Only�, which is probably the second-most melodic song on the album, except for the bridge part. Up next is �Kill Your Idols�, another one of the start-stop riffs is the base with a melodic distortion for the chorus. Cool effects in the bridge part. The song �All In Wait� starts with a sample and has a cool riff. The cool effect of �New Pain� is also found in this song, doing the song a big favour in the melodic part. Nice double bass kick in the bridge too. �Otsegolectric is a cool song too. On every Static-x album there seems to be a song with the word �Otsego� in it. I have no fucking clue what it means, but the songs sound cool. �So� is the most melodic song on �Shadow Zone�. But very good none the less. Only the chorus is maybe a bit too cheesy. Then comes the shortest track, �Transmission�, which last 1:38 and still kick ass. It contains no vocals but some real cool samples with a heavy guitar and drum. Last song starts with a spacy sample followed-up by a cool bass-line. Still a bit disappointing that its no kicking ending or a long-tripping-effect song for the end like �December� of �Wisconsin Death Trip�. But still a cool track. �Shadow Zone� is definitely a must for every Static-X fan And it just might mean a bigger audience for the band. I must say that their new drummer Nick Oshiro sounds pretty cool and talented, but he just doesn�t capture the sound of departed member Ken Jay. Still, this is a good album and it will probably please most of the Static-X fans. [b]Review by DemonDust[/b]
Static-X - Shadow Zone
80/1001Details Warner/X-Posed
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Static-X
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