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Static-X - Start A War
It hasn’t been released on this side of the ocean yet but I couldn’t resist but to buy an imported version from America. Static-X has always been one of my favourite nu-(industrial) metal bands who can practically do nothing wrong in my eyes. Except for taking in bandmembers who have a strange fetish for twelve year old girls…
Well they got rid of paedophile Tripp and asked back Koichi (remember him from the first album…?). That caused some changes in their music, which is very clear on this new Start A War album. Which is by the way also the first album that drummer Nick Oshiro actively participates in the recording sessions.
The album is a lot heavier and faster than the previous recording Shadowzone. Which to me is a very good thing. That point is clear right when the first track “The Enemy” kicks in, you feel that Wisconsin Death Trip all over again.
So beside it being more aggressive, anything else? Certainly! Some form of guitar solo has made it’s way into their music, sometimes really Ministry like, but with a personal distinctive Static-X sound to it. Also the vocals have improved a lot. Wayne’s screams (especially the fast ones) have always been among my favourites, but now his clean vocals sound really good too. In the track “Just In Case” that comes rightfully forward. Besides that, I’d say that a lot of humour has been added, just listen to the beat-sample thrown at you in the track “I Want To Fucking Break It”. Hilarious!
Like usual there is a track on the album featuring the word “Otsego”, of which I still haven’t discovered the translation. This time it’s “Otsego Amigo”, of which the most part is sung by bassist Tony Campos, except for a really really fast Wayne Static part. Tony has an effect on his voice which makes him sound like Death’s Chuck Schuldinger, and in the bridge he’s yelling some stuff in Spanish containing the words “puta”, “bendeho” and “cervesa”. I’d say it’s hilarious as well as very cool.
Another track worth mentioning is the last track “Brainfog”, which consists of spacey trance samples, a guitar riff and a rattling snare that is as tight as hell. Supercool track, even suited to play in a disco!
They’ve certainly convinced me that the X is still very much alive, no matter who leaves the band, touches little children or has a very weird taste in combining music with humour. Buy this album!
Static-X - Start A War
88/1001Details Warner Bros.
Released on Tuesday Jun 14th, 2005

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Aug 23rd, 2005

Tags: #Static-X
Tracklisting 1. The Enemy
2. I\'m The one
3. Start A War
4. Pieces
5. Dirthouse
6. Skinnyman
7. Just In Case
8. Set It Off
9. I Want To Fucking Break It
10. Night Terrors
11. Otsego Amigo
12. My Damnation
13. Brainfog
Line up Wayne Static - vocals, guitar, programming
Tony Campos - bass, backing vocals
Nick Oshiro - drums
Koichi Fukuda - guitar, programming
Static-X, The Defiled - Evil disco!
Static-X, The Defiled - Evil disco!