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Static-X - Cult Of Static
Just after seeing them on their European tour I finally get to hear Static-X’ new record Cult Of Static. Let’s see how their evil disco music still works on record with their sixth studio album.
To me and many fans there is one top record that this band never exceeded. Of course I’m talking about the fucking incredible Wisconsin Death Trip, released ten years ago. After this record the band seemed to become some kind of yoyo, going back and forth between more poppy records and records that leaned more towards the brutality of the debut. Unfortunately Cult Of Static sounds more poppy than brutal, even though it has an incredible production. This means a lot of melodies in guitars, samples and vocals instead of bashing danceable rhythms. To me this record is almost as big a letdown as Shadow Zone was in 2003.
Now of course I don’t want to imply this is a bad record at all. I just rather play another one of their records instead of this one. The best assets of this record are the cool beats and the crunchy sound of the guitars, yet besides this I must say it kind of flies by when I play it. There are two guest performances by dear Wayne’s wife, former adult movie star Tera Wray, who contributed vocals to the tracks ‘Tera-Fied’ and ‘Grind 2 Halt’. Next to this there is also a guest performance by Dave Mustaine from Megadeth who plays a guitar solo in the opening track ‘Lunatic’. Yet he didn’t pose almost naked with a Static-X logo on his belly for the booklet, something Tera did do. Unfortunately my version of the disc is also without bonus tracks, which feature cover songs from bands like Mötley Crüe, Poison and Whitesnake. Should be good though.
All in all a fun listen, but once you’ve heard it a couple of times, it’s back to the old records again. The cult still remains and grows, but it longs for old stuff!

Static-X - Cult Of Static
75/1001Details Reprise Records
Released on Tuesday Mar 17th, 2009
Industrial Rock/Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Jul 15th, 2009

Tags: #Static-X
Tracklisting 01. Lunatic – 3:35
02. Z28 – 3:09
03. Terminal – 3:38
04. Hypure – 4:15
05. Tera-Fied – 5:19
06. Stingwray – 4:10
07. You Am I – 3:00
08. Isolaytore – 2:46
09. Nocturnally – 3:49
10. Skinned – 3:34
11. Grind 2 Halt – 4:56
Line up Wayne Static - vocals, guitar, keyboards, programming, producer
Koichi Fukuda - lead guitar
Tony Campos - bass guitar, backing vocals
Nick Oshiro - drums, percussion
Static-X, The Defiled - Evil disco!
Static-X, The Defiled - Evil disco!