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Krisiun - Southern Storm
Krisiun, one of the hardest bands of Century Media’s roster and probably too from Brasil. The three brothers are a steady factor in the world of death metal, delivering records on a regular basis since 1995. Which brings us now to their seventh full length record: Southern Storm.
If you’re familiar with Krisiun’s previous records you know exactly what to expect, because these guys are still doing the same thing over the years. Firing death metal gunshots at you 24/7. Never a moment to regain strength, constant steamrolling over you. The moments that they are not blasting and turn to a more midtempo kind of death metal, they have a same steamrolling effect as Bolt Thrower; as if an entire battalion of tanks runs over you. But where Bolt Thrower has feeling for writing a song, Krisiun is more about constant death metal madness. This relapses quickly in songs which aren’t really recognizable; even the solos and more catchy moments all seem to be in service of the total annihilation of Krisiun.
Krisiun once again delivers a record which is fucking aggressive the entire time, even when they are not on blasting mode. Combined with too little variation this makes the record dull overtime, but it sure is worth checking out when you still haven’t heard of the three Brazilian brothers before.  
Krisiun - Southern Storm
68/1001Details Century Media
Released on Saturday Jun 28th, 2008
Death Metal

Writer @Sledgehammer Messiah on Monday Jun 8th, 2009

Tags: #Krisiun
Tracklisting 1. Slaying Steel
2. Sentenced Morning
3. Twisting Sights 04:05
4. Minotaur
5. Combustion Inferno
6. Massacre Under the Sun
7. Bleeding Offers
8. Refuse/Resist (Sepultura cover)
9. Origin of Terror
10. Contradictions of Decay
11. Sons of Pest
12. Black Wind
13. Whore of the Unlight
Line up Moyses Kolesne - guitar
Alex Camargo - bass and vocals
Max Kolesne - drums