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Krisiun - Assassination
AssassiNation is Krisiun’s seventh full lenght disc, and it might be one of the best offerings of this Brazilian trio. Krisiun excels at playing brutal death metal, and thats what you get with this record.

Stop-Start riffs, fast blastbeats, alot of growling and the odd solo. Opener "Bloodcraft" almost sounds like it has some Meshuggah influences, and props to drummer Max who played everything untriggered (well…props if the rumours are correct). Its hard to play clean with a good amount of volume at those speeds. Max’s brother Moyses still plays his own chaotic style of soloing and mach-5 riffs, so don’t expect much pleasing melodies. My personal favorite track would be "United in Deception", which starts as a mostly mid-tempo affair, transforms into a big bowl of blasting with actually a hypnotic guitarline, a crushing bridge riff, a crazy drums-follow-the-guitars part and an end that would make Fear Factory proud. We also get a cool cover of Motörhead’s "Sweet Revenge", which doesnt really fit in with the rest but it’s cool nonetheless.

Is it original? No. Does it sound good? Yes. The album doesnt really explore any new directions for the band, except the instrumental percussion closing track "Summon" which features some nice tribal sounding rhytms. The band continues their own style of death metal that has gotten them enough fans to continue writing music. "If it aint broke, don’t fix it" seems to be the main workethic for this band and I don’t see a reason for them to change that.
Krisiun - Assassination
80/1001Details Century Media
Released on Tuesday Feb 21st, 2006
Death Metal

Writer @Carn on Tuesday Feb 28th, 2006

Tags: #Krisiun
Tracklisting 1. Bloodcraft (5:49)
2. Natural Genocide (4:29)
3. Vicious Wrath (3:54)
4. Refusal (4:49)
5. H.o.g (house Of God) (3:21)
6. Father\'s Perversion (4:49)
7. Suicidal Savagery (4:23)
8. Doomed (1:00)
9. United In Deception (4:52)
10. Decimated (4:08)
11. Summon (0:49)
12. Sweet Revenge (6:36)
Line up Alex Carmago: vocals, bass
Moyses Kolesne: guitars
Max Kolesne: drums