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Krisiun - Bloodshed

If there is one band in this world you can wake me up for, it’s Krisiun. I’ve adored their records since 'Black Force Domain'. After hearing their previous album called 'Works Of Carnage', I was a little bit disappointed because the album was missing something. Now I’m holding 'Bloodshed' in my hands, which is their latest effort.

I could have expected what was coming for me, and the first track on the album was just another decent Krisiun song. It may sound interesting, but to be honest I was a little disappointed about it. What is the problem do you ask? It’s just the same all over again. The production may be a little bit better because of the bigger budget, but it’s missing the ferocity of the older work. The older work was more ragged, and there was honesty in it. I don’t dislike the songs I hear now, but it could have been made more interesting. The album can be described as a fairly good album, which is definitely in the more recent Krisiun style. I will always adore these Brazilians who have begun with scrap, only to build up their reputation to climb out of the shanties. There are definitely strong songs on the album like 'Servant Of Emptiness', 'They Call Me Dead' and 'Crosses Toward Hell'. They’ve also experimented with a real slow and doomish song called 'Voodoo'. I think it didn't quite reach me, because I was really annoyed by it. An interesting fact is that the last 5 tracks are re-recorded songs from the 'Unmerciful Order' E.P. I still thought it was rape, because I just wanted those songs to sound like their original versions. It really sounded bombastic with the new sound, and it was quite interesting to hear those songs with the new production. I fear that I still have doubts, but I’ll stop jabbering about that.

However, I won’t keep you from buying this album because it doesn’t sound bad at all. I, however, won’t buy this record. I missed something essential in the music of Krisiun and that didn’t please me. A very nice record for this time of the year and it’ll surely be sold. Perhaps this is an album that you have to grow in to, but it didn’t affect me after 5 times of listening. I can only hope that their next record will give me those oldfashioned shivers again!

Track List:

1: Slain Fate
2: Ominous
3: Servant Of Emptiness
4: Eons
5: Hateful Nature
6: Visions Beyond
7: Voodoo
8: They Call Me Dead
9: Unmerciful Order
10: Crosses Towards Hell
11: Infected Core
12: Outro/MMIV

Line Up:

Bass/Vocals – Alex Camargo
Guitars – Moyses Kolesne
Drums – Max Kolesne

Krisiun - Bloodshed
70/1001Details Century Media
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Death Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday Oct 7th, 2004

Tags: #Krisiun
Line up