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Fear Factory - Soul Of A New Machine
Today, we do not have a new album to review, but instead a classic album, which has been put on top of the metal bill several years ago by many critic casters. Fear Factory should ring a bell with you guys and Soul Of A New Machine should certainly ring a bell. I’m quite pleased with the promotional copy I got of the re-release of this album. I do not know how to review this piece of work, because it has been musically dressed out for 10 years now. I shall begin saying that I completely agree with the statement Mike Sarkisyan of Spineshank makes in the booklet. He says: “I can’t even listen to most records from that era anymore because I’ve grown out of them. But Soul Of A New Machine I can still blast on the stereo all the time, proving that the record passed the most important test…….the test of time” Now for the extra’s, because a re-release should have some extras with it. The cover announces that it’s the expanded edition, but I ask myself, what’s expanded? The only radical change I can find is that they’ve put the remix EP “Fear Is The Mindkiller” with it. What can I say about the music then? I shall refer to the previous statement Mike made, by saying I totally agree with him, because I can still go completely berserk on these songs!
I find it quite hard to put a mark to this release, because I have two marks to give. The first mark will be for the music itself and I can graciously give it a 9 because tracks like Scapegoat, Scumgrief and Self Immolation will never loose their power. The second mark will be for the need to buy this record, because I trust that every die hard FF fan has this record in possession. The sound quality on this re-release is somewhat better, but for that matter you won’t have to buy it. I should say this record is only meant for the fans who do not have this classical album in their home yet, and the die hard collectors. You certainly have to be a big fan if you decide to buy this record and pay the full price for it. You’ll get a copy of Fear Is The Mindkiller though, so it’s your choice. I’ll grant it a 5, because I do not think the gross of people who have this record already, have to switch it for this re-release. The extras are not noteworthy and that’s all that’s left to say.
Track list:
1: Martyr
2: Leechmaster
3: Scapegoat
4: Crisis
5: Crash Test
6: Flesh Hold
7: Lifeblind
8: Scumgrief
9: Natividad
10: Big God/Raped Souls
11: Arise Above Oppression
12: Self Immolation
13: Suffer Age
14: W.O.E.
15: Desecrate
16: Escape Confusion
17: Manipulation
Line Up:
Vocals – Burton C. Bell
Guitars/Bass – Dino Cazares
Drums – Raymond Herrera