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High On Fire - Blessed Black Wings
Imagine that there was some freaky DNA-expert who had the ability to add DNA from one person to another. And imagine that he was a huge High On Fire fan, but also a big ass Slayer fan. Then picture a faithful evening wherein that DNA-expert would climb through Matt Pike’s window and artificially inseminate him with Kerry King’s DNA to create some kind of super thrash-stoner-metal musician. That’s my theory for Blessed Black Wings at least… feel free to doubt it.
As you can see in the introduction to this part, there has been a radical change within the style of music of High On Fire. As Surrounded By Thieves gave us the best (doom) stonerrock ever written in the history of it’s style, this album is completely different. Just take that best stonerrock ever, and add a spoonful of metal to it.
For me, they couldn’t have done something better than to make that change. Beautiful hypnotising riffs combined with the brutality of some pure raw metal (of which a lot reminds me of Slayer influenced stuff) with some great solo’s. Brilliant.
I’m not going to explain a lot about this album, because this is one huge surprise for those who know High On Fire, and a revelation for those who don’t. Globally I can say that the vocals improved, as well as the guitar and bass (which is now played by Melvins’ Joe Preston) sound. The drum sound remains to be one of the most comfortable I’ve ever heard. A lot of pounding and a lot of crashes like Bill Ward (Black Sabbath) used to do.
Whether you like it or not is entirely up to your taste. I think that a lot of stoner freaks will have problems adjusting to this new more brutal sound, but my guess is that you’ll learn to love it within time. But if you’re searching for something new and original to listen to while smoking your pot, try to ride the Blessed Black Wings.
  1. Devilution
  2. The Face Of Oblivion
  3. Brother In The Wind
  4. Cometh Down Messiah
  5. Blessed Black Wings
  6. Anointing Of Seer
  7. To Cross The Bridge
  8. Silver Back
  9. Sons Of Thunder
Matt Pike – vocals, guitar
Des Kensel – drums
Joe Preston – bass
High On Fire - Blessed Black Wings
97/1001Details Relapse Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Feb 22nd, 2005

Tags: #High On Fire
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