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Killswitch Engage - The End Of Heartache (Limited Edition)
In May last year Killswitch Engage released their first album with their new vocalist Howard Jones. The reactions of the fans and press weren’t always the same. What Metalrage thought about this album can be found here. Last week Metalrage received the new Limited Edition of ‘The End of Heartache’. The package contains one extra CD and the complete album released last year. Besides that there is a special slide in cover that comes with the album.
Well, because we have already gave our opinion about this album there is only one thing left to do, which is talking about the extras and the new cover. So I am going to do that in this review. The bonus disc of the Limited Edition consist out of 6 tracks. The first track, Irreversal, comes of the first demo of the band. The track was also on the re-release of this self titled disc. The second song is My Life For Yours. I know this song but I don’t know where I have heard it before. I checked the entire website and my Killswitch Engage collection but I can’t find this title on any of my CD’s. Well, after this there is a special Resident Evil version of The End Of Heartache which I didn’t like and 3 live tracks.
The live tracks are recorded at an unknown place but the quality is marvellous. I hope they are using material like this for a future DVD release or maybe a live album. The only thing I don't like is the echo in the vocals of Howard (or is it jesse? I don't know). If there is one reason to buy this special edition it is the three live tracks on the second disc.
The last extra on the second disc are the videos of Rose of Sharyn and The End Of Heartache. Both great videos. It is great to see the two videos of this band but I am missing something. Why isn’t there some kind of live video on this CD.
If I could change this CD I would add the bonus tracks to the first CD and add a live DVD or special DVD to the package. Trust me, it is a lovely package with once again a great cover but I am missing something. This version is only half complete, there should be something really limited to complete the deal.
For the die hard fans the live tracks are a lovely addition to the collection, but don’t buy this CD for the special limited extras. They just aren’t that extra. I hope to see a Killswitch Engage live DVD with documentary soon to make up this mistake.
Line Up:
Adam Dutkiewicz - guitar
Joel Stroetzel - guitar
Mike D'Antonio - bass
Howard Jones - vocals
Justin Foley – drums
Track Listing:
Disc One:
1. A Bid Farewell
2. Take This Oath
3. When Darkness Falls
4. Rose Of Sharyn
5. Inhale
6. Breathe Life
7. The End Of Heartache
8. Declaration
9. World Ablaze
10. And Embers Rise
11. Wasted Sacrifice
12. Hope Is...
Disc Two:
1. Irreversal
2. My Life For Yours
3. The End Of Heartache (Resident Evil Version)
4. Life to Lifeless (Live)
5. Fixation On The Darkness  (Live)
6. My Last Seranade (Live)