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Swallow The Sun - Ghosts Of Loss
Today, I want to present you with an album called Ghosts Of Loss. The band in question is Swallow The Sun ( You’ll need a leaden throat for that I guess) and the music they play is described as melodic death metal. Well, let’s see if this is but another Children of Bodom rip-off. However, never take the style, that your Chief Editor classifies this album to, for granted.
No. That is the answer to the question about the Bodom thingy, because Swallow The Sun present a very decent song called The Giant, an epic masterpiece of 11 minutes. This isn´t melodic death metal people, this is grade A superb doom metal with a big resemblance to Opeth, but not that technical and with less variation. Nonetheless, I can go along with this album, especially when stoned. Second song Descending Winters is another great song with eerie riffs and a vocalist who knows how to use his voice. I remember falling asleep twice during this record and not because it was boring. It made me really calm down after a hard day of work. I decided to listen it again when I had to drive for awhile and this 65 minute epos is the perfect thing for it.
I really enjoyed this album and will keep an eye out for this band. This is a classy release from Firebox Records and definitely something for people digging a well-fuelled combination of doom and (death) metal with a various range of songs. Never did a song of this record sound the same twice to me and I really liked that. However, I read various reviews on the internet about this not being an original record because they resemble quite a lot with their first album. Well, I do not know their first album so this is original enough for me!
Swallow The Sun - Ghosts Of Loss
80/1001Details Firebox Records
Released on Wednesday Aug 24th, 2005
Doom Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Monday Nov 7th, 2005

Tags: #Swallow The Sun
Tracklisting 1: The Giant
2: Descending Winters
3: Psychopath's Lair
4: Forgive Her...
5: Fragile
6: Ghost Of Laura Palmer
7: Gloom, Beauty And Despair
8: The Ship
Line up Vocals - M. Kotamaki
Guitar - J. Raivio
Bass - M. Honkonen
Guitar - M. Jamsen
Keys - A. Munter
Drums - P. Pasanen
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