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Bullet - Heading For the Top
Every now and then, you get to hear a band name that is a cryptically explanation of itself. In this case, Bullet qualifies in many ways. With their first record ‘Heading for the Top’ they leave nothing to the imagination about what their goal is. Let’s see if they might have a chance.
The record starts very promising with a cool old-school rock song. I immediately start to think of a band like AC/DC. The guitar chords have the same rhythm whereas the vocals form a combination between Bruce Dickinson and Bon Scott. Ahh, that’s tasty I’d say. Finally a band that is able to come up with good rock songs like we recently heard from Nashville Pussy.

It is clear that this band cherishes the good old feeling of pure rock & roll without talking about other bullshit. The songs are all written in the same style, making clear that Bullet is not into other kinds of music or ballads, making this record perfect for anyone who just wants a nice piece of rock without the necessity of listening to it with a lot of effort.

However, the variation that bands I just mentioned are able to come up with is missing on this album. The combination with slower parts, nice guitar solo’s and the very fast ‘get on your motorcycle and go!’ structures are missing and that’s a shame. The first song sounds amazing, the next two or three are ok and then you get bored a little bit because it seems all the same. The parts that do have guitar solo’s get a bit under appreciated because of this way of songwriting and the vocals are even a little bit annoying now and then (like the chorus in Speeding in the Night). The whole thing just goes on and on until the end has reached, creating some space for a new candidate.

Bullet seems to like the thing they do very much and that’s fine of course. But, with a music industry that is already full of these kinds of bands the songwriting is not unique and therefore, I think only a few people will cherish this band as their favorite.   
Bullet - Heading For the Top
61/1001Details Black Lodge
Released on Friday Apr 28th, 2006
Heavy Metal

Writer @CarpeSiem on Monday Mar 13th, 2006

Tags: #Bullet
Tracklisting 1. Midnight Riders(Riding Free)
2. Turn it up Loud
3. Heading for the Top
4. Rambling Man
5. Hard Lucky Lady
6. Speeding in the Night
7. One Deal With the Devil
8. Rock Steady
10. Raise Hell
11. Bang Your Head
Line up Hell Hofer: Vocals
Hampus Klang: Lead Guitar
Erik Almstr�m: Lead guitar
Lenny Blade: Bass
Gustav Hjortsj�: Drums