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Godsmack - IV
Godsmack is one of those bands with huge hits in several countries but they never gained any status. After supporting Metallica, Black Sabbath and playing on Ozzfest in 1999 and 2000, Woodstock on 1999 and receiving Grammy nominations, Godsmack is releasing a new album in 2006. After a huge event at the end of 2004 the band entered the studios to start their new project called IV.
Almost two months ago the album was available for the public. The disc contains a couple of strong ballads and again some really strong rock songs. ‘The Enemy’ simply blows you away and two tracks later ‘Hollow’ takes you along the softer side of this band. Overall the balance of softer and more aggressive songs is well found on this album.
Too bad I am still not convinced to call this band sublime or truly good. They know what to do when writing a song but there's a lack of diversity within the vocals and there are just not enough hard rock/grunge songs on this album to call it a strong album. There are too many slower and calmer parts which make you lose your concentration.
Godsmack once again created a ‘Godsmack’ album with the same ideas, music and songs. I am missing the progression within their music and the band wanting to create more. I would love to hear more songs like 'Speak’  or 'The Enemy’ because those simply rock. So you have to find your refreshment somewhere else because this is once again a simple but effective Godsmack disc.
Godsmack - IV
65/1001Details Republic
Released on Tuesday Apr 25th, 2006

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Tuesday Jun 6th, 2006

Tags: #Godsmack
Tracklisting 1. Livin\' In Sin (4:40)
2. Speak (3:57)
3. The Enemy (4:07)
4. Shine Down (5:01)
5. Hollow (4:32)
6. No Rest For The Wicked (4:38)
7. Bleeding Me (3:38)
8. Voodoo Too (5:26)
9. Temptation (4:07)
10. Mama (5:15)
11. One Rainy Day (16:40)
Line up Erna, Sully: Vocals & Stuff
Merrill, Robbie: 4 String Thing
Rombola, Tony: Guitars
Larkin, Shannon: Drums & Concussions
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