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Metal Church - A Light In The Dark
Metal Church is back. Again? No, your eyes are not betraying you. The classic straight forward heavy metal outfit that claimed most of their fame in the 80’s has recorded a new album. Featuring a new addition of the group in the form of drummer Jeff Plate the group sounds alive as ever.
Metal Church are one of those typical metal bands that never really survived a mainstream position within the scene, but stayed together and kept on going in the same pace anyway. Never the most inovative group, the band has always released proper records. 2006’s ‘A Light In The Dark’ is no exception.
Good songs such as ‘Mirror Of Lies’ make you wish you weren’t just 23 and could have conciously lived the heavy 80’s. Same goes for the cool propelling groove in ‘Dissapear’, the great violin carried semi-ballad ‘Temples Of The Sea’, or the thrashy ‘Son of The Son’.. I could name every track on this cd, they’re all very decent. Most remarkable is the remake of the classic ‘Watch The Children Pray’, the classic that was recorded as a tribute to vocalist David Wayne who deceased last year. It’s quite a true replica of the original, but with modern recording techniques it does sound great.
All in all it’s futile to discuss Metal Church’s right of exsistence, considering the bands position or motives to record ‘A Light In The Dark’. A band that has such limited success, and still keeps on going deserves a prize. ‘A Light In The Dark’ is your every day metal dosage. Predictable, but satisfying. Catch Metal Church on tour this summer, as they’re playing plenty of summer festivals! 
Metal Church - A Light In The Dark
72/1001Details SPV/Steamhammer
Released on Saturday Jun 17th, 2006
Heavy Metal

Writer @Lex on Saturday Jun 17th, 2006

Tags: #Metal Church
Tracklisting 1. A Light In The Dark
2. Beyond All Reason
3. Mirror Of Lies
4. Disappear
5. The Believer
6. Temples Of The Sea
7. Pill For The Kill
8. Son Of the Son
9. More Than Your Master
10. Blinded By Life
11. Watch The Children Pray 2006
Line up Ronny Munroe: Vocals
Kurdt Vanderhoof: Guitar
Jay Reynolds: Guitar
Steve Unger: Bass
Jeff Plate : Drums
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