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Metalrage recommends - Antrhax, Clutch, Metal Church, Trash Talk and more
The summer is coming, the first festivals of the year are already behind us, but we shouldn’t forget that most bands keep on playing selected shows in between the festivals. As always, Patronaat (the venue in Haarlem, not the one in Tilburg that was used during the Roadburn festival) has managed to attract some interesting bands towards their residence. For most of the shows listed below there is a chance for you to win tickets.

May 26 – Motorpsycho
The psychedelic rockers form Trondheim, Norway just released a new album called Behind The Sun and are eager to promote this new effort. In the past they went from country to jazz to folk to metal and nowadays they mostly focus on 70’s rock. Curious how they present their new work live? Go to the contest, answer the question right and maybe we’ll see you there! (click here for the contest)
June 10 – Limp Bizkit (Sold Out)
Unfortunately (not for the organization of course) Limp Bizkit’s show sold out quickly. If you already have tickets: enjoy! If you haven’t: just read on, Patronaat has more in store for you.
June 17 – Clutch
Not caring about hypes and trends, Clutch is active since the ‘90s and still going strong. If you don’t know them yet, you’ll be stunned by their southern rock. Just come prepared, a quote like “This kicks harder than a mule on steroid” about their latest album Earth Rocker says it all I guess.
June 22 – Metal Church
If you want to go to a church on a Sunday, please just go to Metal Church. Ever since the eighties they’ve remained true to their classic sound and after a period of inactivity they’re back to preach about the holy world of thrash music.
June 25 – Suicide Silence
Back in 2012 the band lost singer Mitch Lucker due to a traffic accident, but after a year of inactivity the remaining members decided to continue Suicide Silence. With Eddie Hermida (All Shall Perish) as new vocalist the deathcore act will release its first album without Lucker this July. Just prior to this moment they will present their new (?) sound on European soil.
July 7 – Anthrax
No need to introduce Anthrax I guess?! Of course there’s plenty of room for you to sing along with numerous classics tonight. But besides oldies like ‘I Am The Law’, ‘Antisocial’ and ‘Caught In A Mosh’ the band has also scheduled their new album for this summer, so expect some new music as well.
July 16 – Trash Talk
If one band is famous for its fierce live shows it’s the hardcore punk outfit Trash Talk. Their new full-length, No Peace, will be released this month, so pick it up and show your support for underground music. Mosh, stagedive and just tear it all down.
July 18 – 65daysofstatic
Don’t expect a peaceful night when going to a 65DoS show. These instrumental post-rockers used their elector beats before to fire up Patronaat and they will do it again. Sometimes described as the angry little brother of Mogwai, they will produce an intense wall of noise to literally knock you of your feet.
August 29 – Kamelot
Love or hate them, but Kamelot is here to stay. They do have a new vocalist since 2012, but according to the other band members Tommy Karevik exceeds all expectations. They just released one album in this line up, but surely more will follow. Maybe you’ll even get a sneak peak for what’s in store for the new album? Who knows.