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Metal Church - Classic Concerts - Live at Dynamo 1991
Despite the fact that I�m just 23 years old, I feel like I�ve witnessed quite some gigs in the past eight years. And some of them are mentioned each festival where I get to meet the same friends I do every single edition. And whether we talk about the rare occasion we got to see Monster Magnet, the Megadeth-comeback or the huge moshpit at Enter Shikari just recently, such conversations always start someone saying: �Do you remember��
Although I wasn�t there, the Metal Church gig at the Dynamo festival in 1991 also seemed to be one of those concerts. That is, if you are tend to believe the description at the back of the DVD. Now, the question rises why this specific gig, 16 years after date, should now be released as a DVD, with so many gigs of the band afterwards and so much better equipment to film with.
The bad things; the sound, especially in the beginning, is terrible. The vocals are turned from volume level 1 to 10 and back again in no-time and when a guitar solo is played, it is clear to hear that all the instruments are not corresponding in decibel level. Furthermore, I thought it took a long time before the first view of the crowd was displayed, which made me feel I was looking at a video clip instead of a concert. And finally, it�s just the gig, nothing more. These days, we are treated with almost more footage than actual performances which make you feel disappointed a little when noticing only twelve songs on this DVD.
Or is it? Because in this way we go back to the basis, where it all began. Back to a festival where people paid an entrance fee of 5 guilders only, where a basic stage with just a few lights as a decoration, and a big flag behind the drumkit reminds you of the fact that it�s not necessary to gather all the nonsense around the music business. All these people came together that day to see Metal Church as a headliner on a festival that later turned out to be a legendary place. For those people, and everyone who loves the scene for that particular reason, this DVD have a primary place in your collection.
Metal Church - Classic Concerts - Live at Dynamo 1991
78/1001Details Escapi Music
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Heavy Metal

Writer @CarpeSiem on Thursday Oct 25th, 2007

Tags: #Metal Church
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