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Eminence - Humanology and the disadvantages of the Brazilian

Hey Jairo, first of all, thank you very much for your time!

No is a pleasure for me to do it.


1. How are you guys at the moment? I mean, what are you currently doing besides waiting for the official release of 'Humanology'?

As always, after the recording sessions of a new album, we are working hard on the promotion here in Brazil and with some of our contacts in the US and Europe. We are also practicing every single day (5 hours a day) in our own studio.


2. How do you feel about the new album and its recording sessions?

I feel great man...this was the first album that I have recorded with a well-known producer such as Mr.Kernon and also in a very professional studio. The crew at SonicRanch Studios was just great. We had all the support we needed at that time and we also met the guys from Ministry, which became a very tight friendship. Mr.Neil Kernon also gave us his support. He is very intelligent and knows every detail in the studio. I think we grew up a little from that time on.


3. In a news subject on the Eminence website I read that it was quite a problem to have 'Humanology' released in your own country, how come?

We live in a very big territorial country, it's quite like the Australian territory; most of the big cities are on the east side of the country. The difference is that we have a huge rain forest right in the middle and they have a desert. So, you can imagine how hard it is to make a tour over this country, and also to make a good distro and promotion. We didn't have any good deals for distribution so we decided to wait a while and now we have 3 distro groups working with us, one of them only works with internet sales and the other two companies work with shops and big sales.


[img] (Custom).jpg[/img]


4. How is the metal scene in Brazil? I mean, there aren't many Brazilian bands with whom the Dutch people are familiar. What, do you think, is the main reason for that?

I think that people here are always trying to get through with metal but they don't really know how to do it right. Most of the bands don't like to practise too much and besides that they just give their whole life work to a small record company trying to get their albums released as soon as possible, and this is bad for the market, because' we have lots of musicians over here who are trying to get respect from the good labels and they never get it. We have to respect and use our integrity to make a proper and qualified market for everyone.


5. I think you've heard this question a few times before but I'm still going to ask you; is Eminence in any way influenced by Sepultura?

I think so...everyone here was influenced by their music. Besides that I am one of the former members from Sepultura and grew up in the 80's so... But Eminence never takes profit by this relation. We are trying to show the people our own music and let the music speaks for itself.


6. Which other bands/events influences your music?

Alan and Wallace (guitar and vocals) are influenced by most aggressive sounds, death metal, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse and old school bands like Megadeth, Possessed, Kreator etc...Andre (drummer) and I are influenced by industrial music and all kinds of primitive sounds, in other words, crazy stuff...


7. In 1998 Eminence toured in Holland and Belgium and I'm sure you've toured in other parts of Europe as well; can you describe the main difference between the crowds in South-America and Europe?

Everybody told us that Eminence is one of the very small group of bands that could take the feet of the European people off the ground...we don't see too much difference between these two crowds...South American people are very hot and like to do the mosh pit as much as they can during the gig...but we had very nice experiences in Europe too.


[img] (Custom).jpg[/img]


8. I read that you will play a European tour in a couple of months, is there a particular country you're looking forward to play in?

Not exactly...we are now working on the Brazilian promotion for 'Humanology'. It means we will have to travel all the way from north to south, and from east to west in this country. We intend to start the new tour in Europe march 2005 and were still looking for the best places to do it.


9. What kind of playlist can we expect from Eminence during the tour?

We play every song from the new album except 6ix Degrees and we will play also two more songs from the debut album 'Chaotic System'. As we are working on new songs nowadays, it could be possible to play 2 or 3 more unreleased songs on this tour...I hope.


10. Anything left to say?

Yes...please take a good look at our website and a good listening to our 'Humanology' album, I hope you like it and ask for Eminence in your town. Take care.


Jairo Guedz / Eminence