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Eminence - Humanogoly

From January 1995 on, Eminence has been moving along the obligatory path to success. Owing this to its line-up, Eminence has caught the attention of media and audience in each country played in. Besides guitarist and band founder Alan Wallace, Eminence features drummer André Márcio (ex-Overdose) and bassist Jairo Guedz (ex guitarist and founder of Sepultura).

Ladies and gentlemen, hereby I present you: Eminence. A fucking great band! These guys from Brazil weren't familiar to me before I received this CD and I think I'm not the only one. Which is a pity, because this band deserves much more.

Starting with a creepy intro, 'Humanology' must convince every single listener to listen the whole CD. And actually that wasn't such a big problem for me.

Heavy and fast guitars will blow you away right from the beginning, and they won't stop until the outro. This music is going to be liked by a lot of people, although I think most of you still have to find out about that. Deep grunts and some 'Disturbed-alike' screams make this CD complete.

One thing I'd like to mention: there are too much songs which have a little bit of the same elements in them. So guys, please try to put a little more variation in your next album and you'll be even more better!

Eminence - Humanogoly
88/1001Details Timeless Productions
Released on Friday Sep 10th, 2004
Thrash/Speed Metal

Writer @Boek on Monday Aug 23rd, 2004

Tags: #Eminence
Tracklisting Wallace Parreiras - Vocals
Alan Wallace - Guitars
Andr� M�rcio - Drums
Jairo Guedz - Bass
Line up 01. B.O.H.1 (Intro)
02. Evolution
03. Overload
04. Humanology
05. Citizen Zero
06. 6ix Degrees
07. Greenspirit
08. Like I Hate You
09. Greedy As A Pig
10. Leech 9
11. The Freak I Become
12. Creep
13. Democrasick
14. Onefortyfive
15. Hawking Radiation
16. Coward
17. 17253017