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Ignite - Talking about politics with Zoli

When I was at the Ignite concert in Amsterdam I was talking with a Roadie and he got me to speak with Zoli from Ignite. After talking for a couple of minutes and talking about the link Superbutt we arranged an interview after the Arnhem show. So Spoerie and I went to see that show and we prepared an interview about politics, war and some unusual band questions. He asked for a strange but good interview, that is no problem for Metalrage.

1. I learned in school that America has got a political system with multiple organs that control each other. How does it come that armies were sent to Iraq if one organ cannot summon to do so, doesn’t that mean that all the parties wanted to go there?

Yes, No-one wanted to be considered anti-America. So they passed this stupid thing called the war-powers act which gives the president of the United States to override the senate and the congres. He doesn't have to ask them for any kind of approval. They gave him complete power. It is just like Vietnam, it was never ok'd by the congres but they still did it and received money for that war. But this is a completely new thing, because there is one person that has got total control. And you should know that there was Senator Burt that told us: I have made a mistake then, don't let it happen again. Don't sign this war act. But nobody wanted to be on the side of the terrorists. It was like: You are with us or you are against us. They were thinking that they were betraying their country by not signing that act.

2. On this very moment Iraqi terrorists are capturing English/American/Italian etc. people that are helping Iraq, building roads and buildings, what about that?

You have to see it like this: Even mohammed could not get the sjoeites and the sjiietes to get along. Right now everybody is together fighting against Bush. Everybody is standing up together against America. George Bush finally united the moslims against us. And all the people that are getting obducted are taken by extreme religious organisations which are creating a new Taliban. To say that the Taliban is gone is a lie, the only place we have got semi secured in Afghanistan is Kabul. The rest of the forces are currently in Iraq. We had the Taliban broken into peaces. But Bush decided to atak Iraq and make money on their oil.

3. Do you really think that giving the country back to Iraq will solve all of the problems?

Iraq has been made up by the English. It used to be 3 countries and they are all living together now. They just needed a guy like Tido who would fight anybody, he was like a tiran but at the same time he was the perfect guy for that country. He pushed everyone down. OK, don't take that the wrong way, he wasn't the 'right' person for the country but he was a strong man that kept everyone on his place! And you can't take something out without putting something back in. The only way is to break that country up agin into three pieces or there should be another guy that can control the people that are living there.

But they are trying to create a new democracy, do you think they will succeed?

You can never bring democracy into a country, it has to be supported from the inside. It has to come from the people. Not with dropping 500 pound bombs on houses where children see their mother got blown to pieces. I have got the same anger against the whole Russian occupation that I have heared from my parents. We are making war for our grandchildren with this shit.

4. What do you hope that will happen if Kerry wins the 2004 elections?
I don't think he is gonna...
But what if?
...You just pull out of Iraq and that is it? And then put the UN in, those pussies? Actually I have no clue what he has to do... The thing shouldn't have started in the first place!

But last week on stage you said something about Kerry, that he was against the war but if it would happen again he would vote for it. Do you think that it would be different if Kerry was president right now?

Look, the next thing Bush is going to do is attack Syrie, and then Iran. The only way to get Iraq back on their feet is to let all of these countries work together. Let them solve their own problems. They want all of these countries fractured so they won't be strong! The only way to solve this is to unite all of the arabic countries.
On this moment they are also killing there own people, that just isn't right!

5. A lot of people think that the war is wrong, my opinion is that it has freed people there but the reason to start the campaign was the wrong one. Besides that I think that when the coalition will leave the country everything will start all over again.

I talked with people that have family there and they said they wanted everything to be the old way. The thing is that Bill Clinton killed more Iraqis than Bush by denying medicine into that country, just because it could be used for bombs. A lot of kids were killed because of that. The way that America is fighting their wars is by using sanctions and everyone is afraid of those. And in the first war we could have killed Saddam Hoessein. But I think we like to have enemies, we can attack them again later. That guy was our best friend back in the 80s. It is fucked up! It is like hitting a bees nest and try to get the bees back in!

6. What we see of the elections in the USA are only the speeches where the two candidates are attacking each other on their mistakes, what is the point in that?

That is the way politics are working in the states for years now. It is mugwrecking. I'm looking forwards to the debats they are going to have.

We think that if you want to win the election you have to come up with solutions.

It is always easy to blame the other one, that is the problem. Kerry doesn't have a plan either, he never say anything. That is why people are supporting Bush, because he says: Let's attack them! And they will do it.

7. It looks like since 9/11 there are problems all over the world. Even in the Netherlands the economy is going in the wrong direction. What is your solution?

The only way to stop this mess is to give a country like Iraq something to live for. There will always be crazy fundametalists but the reason why they have that is because it is so poor. If you give these people 500 bilion dollar, there wouldn't be any terrorists. The last thing I wanted to do is kill myself because I like my life.

But on the news they say it is part of their religion, it is an honor to die. Or am I wrong?

They say that but it is bullshit. The Koran teaches that it is wrong to kill another moslim, it is wrong to kill only in self defence. And this holy war, it is just like the bible, we keep fucking up everything in that book. They do the same thing. And right now there is an army place next to Mekka, that is the holy place of these people. For that we wrote the song 'Got To Know Your History', because you have got to know the history behind these people!

In the states they only get American history right?
They hardly get other history, only stupid dates of acts and shit.

Right now everybody in the band is against Bush, but what if next week one guy decides to be pro bush. In what way would this conflicts with the meanings of the band?
That is no problem, it his oppinion and his believes. He is old enough to make up his own mind!

That's cool.

Enough politics, I also have got a few questions about the band and everything around it!

8. Your last album is dated 2001, last week you told us that after this show you won’t be coming back until the new album is recorded. I heard the new songs and they sure were different, can you give us an update?

We wrote about 20 songs and we will use 15. I don't know, I hope it is going to be good. It is going to make you or break you.

Last week you said something about you didn't like the new songs, maybe 1 or 2. What about that?

I can't remember, it think I was joking! I love the new songs!

9. The live show of you guys is pretty intensive, what does the band do to create this on stage every night?

Practising, a lot of the show is planned. Where I will be or jump on a certain point or what we will do! A lot of stuff is pre-arranged.

10. When I talked with a Hungarian friend of mine. I told her that there was a Hungarian version of A Place Called Home, when she listened to this song she told me that it was  a song she learned on pre school. When she tried to explain the meanings of that song it looked like the original lyrics, is it true that I assume you translate a Hungarian song into English and this song is one of you bigger hits?

No, I tell you what: The Hungarian song is about a dude that is on a buggy and his girlfriend crashes and she looses her arm. And it is about him writing a letter to her that she has to leave him. Because she can't clean and cook for him. If I translate that to English it would be a very strange song The English version is about my grandmother. Actually there are two different stories in the song, the verses are one part and the chorus is the other story which is about a battle.

She isn't that good in English, I guess that is the problem. But is the Hungarian version the original?

Well, I mean it is cut. The actual song keeps going.

11. What was the reason for the Rock’n’Roll dude to come into the band?

We wanted a new change and we always are changing stuff and ehm, I like to play with new musicians and he is a very good musician. What do you think of him?

I think he is very good, But in a song like 'A Place Called Home' he starts the song a little bit different but it is still good.
I like that!
And the AC/DC stuff..
I don't like that! Haha

12. You produced the Superbutt album, can you tell us what your relation is with the band?

They are just good friends of mine. Andras just always help me when I come to Hungary. He helps us out and he is like the Godfather of rock over there. Andras sure is a good guy. And I like the album, it is fun and different.

Do you think the old one or the new one is better?
The new one...
But the old one is a little bit rougher, it is good but I think the second one is better. The tilte scared me, 'The Unbeatable Eleven' with eleven tracks on it.
Haha! They are kind of crazy..

13. What did you think when I walked into the dressing room with my Superbutt shirt?
I was looking and thought: Where did you get that shirt? Who is that?

Right now I've got my Blind Myself shirt on.
That is also a good band.

That was our final question, we want to thank you for this opportunity. I loved both shows and the interview was different from others but it was awesome to talk with someone who knows what is going on!

Thanks for your time and the questions were great!

Anything left to say to the crowd?
Thank you, thank you for coming to see us play for 10 years and be supportive! We can play for 3 hours and the people will still be going crazy! It is a gift from god!

After the interview we went home, a night with great music and a lovely conversation with Zoli.

Interview by:
Buzzin Hornet

Details Written on 2005-01-01
Writer @Buzzin Hornet

Tags: #Ignite
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