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Ignite / Colors Dead Bleed / Jamestown / Said & Done - After the Netherlands won the game Ignite took over the Dynamo with glance
After the thrilling end of Netherlands vs Mexico everyone is still shaking and exhausted after the Netherlands won the game. Everyone is still talking about the match and no one seemed to care about a hardcore show. Ignite is still a big name in the melodic hardcore scene however they haven’t released a record in the last eight years so I am curious how much people show up after the winning game.
During the first support Said & Done the Dynamo venue is pretty empty, the band looks a bit nervous on the big stage and play a mixture of melodic hardcore combined with Only Living Witness riffs and Cro-Mags breaks. The vocals were a long time ago typical ‘scream your guts out’, now they are clean and suit the music. The show is decent however I would like to give them a second chance when there’s no football match before.
Energetic and full throttle punkrock is the recipe of Jamestown, hailing from the south of the Netherlands. In half an hour they are blasting through their set containing the typical punkrock choirs, melodic vocals, upbeat drums and snotty guitar riffs. The band really knows how to play a piece of punkrock, the problem after a while is every song sound the same. If you don’t care and punkrock is your style you will have a good time with Jamestown.
You might not expect melodic hardcore and massive breaks from ex members of Tech-9, The Butcher and Human Demise. Colors Dead Bleed delivers energy (not only the singer is active, also the two guitar players are moving around) and dynamic songs that will stand the test through the complete set. The vocals are rougher as the normal clean voice and that gives the band a sharper edge. Heavy riffs are combined with melodic & poppy guitar parts, nowhere there is a moment the shifting between styles or speed feel unnatural. The venue is getting fuller and the crowd is welcoming the new band that just released the EP ‘Heritage’. The band from the Kempen (and Helmond) deserves it because they simply deliver quality.
From Orange County (Dynamo and Eindhoven also color orange tonight!) Ignite shows the world hardcore also can be played with superb clean vocals. It all started in 1993 and in 2000 the band claimed worldwide fame with the album ‘A Place Called home’. A lot of songs tonight are from this classic album. Front man Zoli Teglas congratulates everyone in the crowd with the victory showing an orange shawl. The guitar player also wears an orange shirt and the party can begin in a packed house. Classic after classic (also older ones) are extending the good vibes of the crowd.
Even better news is there are a couple of new songs played. They make everyone curious about the upcoming new album. At the end ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ from U2 is coming around together with the all-time classic ‘In My Time’. Due to the time schedule there is no room for an encore. No problem at all, Ignite just had delivered memories of times that seemed to be forgotten.

picture shot by Elke Teurlinckx