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Antigama - Musical destabilization
1. Could you introduce Antigama to the Metalrage readers?
It all began in 2000 when we started rehearsing and recorded the first album “Intellect Made Us Blind”, out by The Flood Records/Italy. When our first bass player Macio Moretti left us and was replaced by Michal (former Reinfection), we recorded the material for a split CD with Jan Frederickx (Agathocles) project, Jan Ag, where we played some rare covers of Poland's old school punk/hardcore legend, Siekiera. In January 2003 we recorded the Promo 2003 CD which consisted of 3 new songs + a cover of Godflesh's "Anything is mine" that appeared on the Godflesh Tribute CD released by Nihilistic Holocaust/France. July 2003 was the time of our experimental release called "East Clintwood", made for the split CD with Japan's Deranged Insane on Mortville Records/US. In August 2003 we went to Selani Studio in Olsztyn to record the second album under the supervision of a sound engineer and the guitar player at Nyia / Third Degree, Szymon Czech. "Discomfort" was out by Extremist Records from Ohio/US. Spring 2004 brought a split CD with an Australian band Open Wound. In June 2004 we recorded 6 new songs for the 3-way split CD with Third Degree and Herman Rarebell on Selfmadegod Records. Then we went to play at the Obscene Extreme Festival in Czech Republic. In 2005 Selfmadegod issued a re-edition of "Discomfort" CD with a bonus track and a video and the LP version together with Fast And Furious Records from Holland. In May 2005 Antiself Productions/Poland issued our 7” split with Bastard Saints. We’ve played a show at the Giants Of Grind Festival 2005 in Germany and Grind Manifesto 2005 in Poland together with the US Cathete. At the present moment we’ve released our latest effort called “Zeroland” recorded in March’ 05 and we’re trying to promote it. So far, so good…
2. What does the name Antigama mean?
Antigama means destabilization. We chose this name because it symbolizes the climate of our music. In our sense destabilization means getting rid of all constrictions in creating original art, opening to experiment and widening own horizons and skills. For many we are too heavy to digest and too compex in style to be classified in any definite way.
3. How were your experiences at Obscene Extreme, and what do you think of such festivals?
We went there for one main reason: Obscene Extreme is one of the biggest festivals in the world. We were invited to play there and had a chance to show everybody Antigama from Poland. Although we played at noon we gathered some people in the pit. There were some Poles but also many people from everywhere. We were satisfied with it. Still, some people liked us and some didn’t - but it’s just life, isn’t it? We love festivals like this and we hope to play there again as soon as possible!!!
4. How did you come up with a title like Zeroland?
Zeroland” is a word with a very broad meaning. In fact it could mean anything you wish but the direction of your associations will/should be driven by the contents of the album. Just see what I mean.
5. How did you end up creating such a far-fetched but very interesting direction in grindcore?
It’s the effect of differences in our characters as well as our inspirations coming from the opposite ends. Everyone in the band tries to bring something special into the music. Antigama’s songs came out of our experiments with sound. You can hear many styles in it because of our broad interest in the field of musics.
6. Are there any opportunities that we’ll see you guys play here in Holland soon? If not, let me know, I might be able to arrange something ;)
Of course there will be an opportunity to do it. We would love to come and smoke a big, fat joint with you! Just drop me a line and we’ll arrange something haha… I hope we’ll come to Holland pretty soon, for sure in 2006!
7. Who is responsible for all the effects on the album? Are you able to do this live as well?
We’ re all responsible for the effects on the entire album. Everybody in the band worked hard with strange noises on “Zeroland” but most of the electro sequences were created by Lucas, our throatman. We never use all the electro stuff during the shows but we could do it if we wanted. We’ re a pretty normal band live. We do it without any additional material.
8. Is there anything you’d like to add to this interview?
Yes! Right at the moment we’re preparing some new stuff for the upcoming 7” split releases. It should be a surprise for all the Antigama freaks out there. Thanx a lot for the cool intie! Everybody interested in Antigama should check out these websites for more info: , ,