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Antigama - Resonance
Some time ago I received Antigama’s previous album Zeroland. This already showed me a band with great potential. It wasn’t long after that I read the newspost confirming their signing to the highly acclaimed Relapse Records, and it really is a band that fits their roster. Now they deliver their new album through that label, entitled Resonance.
The major difference between Zeroland and this new record Resonance is an even better production (probably due to a higher recording budget) and a longer playtime (17 tracks instead of 9). The style they play has remained the same; avant-garde grindcore with a very rhythmic approach, but not in a polyrhythmic or mathcore direction. It’s more that they use weird start stop rhythms in an unusual way, mostly accompanied by very fast and tight blastbeats. Furthermore they have an excellent vocalist that sounds more like the old-school grinddudes, like Napalm Death’s Barney for instance.
But the fun doesn’t end here. Added to the grindcore, there is a lot of kick ass heavy-ass-fuck rock. The track ‘Psychonaut’ for instance could have been found on the latest effort by The Melvins if you ask me. It’s predecessor ‘Barbapaplex’ is a weird jazzy track with some crazy electronics in it. And crazy electronics are fortunately something quite common in a big share of Antigama’s songs, also in the vocals. Also the drummer has a very unique drum sound, using some kind of weird tom-like things, with a very high tone to it. And I’m simply loving all of it!
I can’t really find anything negative to say about Resonance actually, so that means Antigama did a splendid job! I honestly can’t wait for them to tour over here. If you’re looking for a band that has somewhat of a unique sound and you dig the grindcore of the future, get your hands on this as soon as it hits the stores!
Antigama - Resonance
87/1001Details Relapse
Released on Monday May 21st, 2007
Antant-garde Grindcore

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday May 10th, 2007

Tags: #Antigama
Tracklisting 1. Pursuit
2. Seismic Report
3. Ecstasy
4. Neutral Balance
5. Order
6. Pending
7. Remembering Nothing
8. Barbapaplex
9. Psychonaut
10. No
11. After
12. By and By
13. Shymrok
14. Types Of Waste
15. Asylum
16. Unreachable
17. Stars
Line up Krzysztof Bentkowski - drums
Lukasz Myszkowski - vocals
Michal Pietrasik - bass
Sebastian Rokicki - guitar