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Antigama - Warning
The Polish grindcore outfit Antigama already offer their fifth full length effort, their second for Relapse Records. One of the most incomprehensible and inaccessible grindcore bands to some, but one of the most innovative and experimental to others. I belong to the latter party, and luckily Warning is in no way disappointing. Read on and find out!
Compared to Antigama’s previous effort Resonance, Warning is a bit more intense and grindy. Progressive riffs and highly technical drums set the tone for this record, they comprise sixteen insane songs that grab you by the throat and don’t let go for the full ride. There are some breathing pauses here and there in the shape of weird interludes and soundscapes, but for the rest it is a full blown attack on your ears and brain. Fortunately they still have influences from creative rock bands like Melvins and such, which makes for grooving, eclectic rock riffs entwined in some of the songs. Add to that a superb production and a powerful mix in which all of the (huge) drumkit elements come forward as they are supposed, and you’ve got yourself an excellent record to torment you mind with.
This is also the first recorded effort with their new vocalist Patryk Zwolinski (also from the sludge/doom act Blindead), who succeeds in copying the sound of previous vocalist Lukasz Myszkowski perfectly, and even expanding it a bit.
All in all you can say that Warning is a very interesting and intense record, fit for fans of insane bands like Cephalic Carnage, The Locust and Discordance Axis, but also for fans of the more traditional grind acts like Napalm Death, Nasum and Pig Destroyer. They have just completed their first big European tour and are heading towards the US this year as well. I hope they can keep it up and get out on the road more often, because I’d love to see them more often. Only this time with a bass player please.
Antigama - Warning
87/1001Details Relapse Records
Released on Monday Mar 9th, 2009

Writer @DemonDust on Friday Mar 20th, 2009

Tags: #Antigama
Tracklisting 01. Disconnected
02. Jealousy
03. City
04. Another
05. Not True
06. War
07. Heartbeat
08. Preachers Pray
09. Sequenzia Dellamorte
10. You Have The Right To Remain Violent
11. Lost Skull
12. Nightmare
13. Paganini Meets Barbapapex
14. Empty Room
15. Orange Pills
16. Black Planet
Line up Patryk \"Nick\" Zwolinski - Vocals
Sebastian Rokicki - Guitar
Krzysztof \"Sivy\" Bentkowski - Drums
Szymon Czech - Session Bass