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Antigama - Zeroland
Recently I visited our chief editor's house where a package had arrived from Poland. It contained three grindcore promo’s of which I’d like to do one since I can appreciate some grindcore. There were too who sounded quite nice, but I picked the one that had “modern avant-garde grindcore and noise” in its desciption. I felt like hearing some disorientating dirty extreme ruckus from the bowels of Poland, can you blame me..?
Antigama brings something quite refreshing to grindcore. It’s not experimentally chaotic like Cephalic Carnage and such, but has a broad horizon on unorthodox material to combine with basic grindcore. While most songs last little over ninety seconds, it doesn’t feel like that because a lot of interesting stuff happens in that short space of time.
There are quite some digital effects on the album, something that puts this form of grindcore in a different perspective. The vocals tend to make a lot of use of this as well, which in my opinion is better than some retarded farmer who can eject only one pig-like sound from his throat.
Antigama is very rhythmical, grooving and extremely experimental on both musical and vocal areas. Too bad that this record lasts a mere 24 minutes (of which more than nine minutes are consumed by a very weird indoctrinating vocal/effect outro called “Zeroland”), I’d love to see a longer release on a big internationally recognised but very noisy label. They definitely add something new and very refreshing to this genre of which I did not see much possibilities for anymore, since so many has been done with it already.
Definitely worth checking out for avant-garde freaks and grindheads!
Antigama - Zeroland
78/1001Details Selfmadegod Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 1st, 2005
Avantgarde grind

Writer @DemonDust on Sunday Oct 30th, 2005

Tags: #Antigama
Tracklisting 1. Seed
2. Izaak
3. Jazzy
4. Starshit
5. How
6. The View
7. Wounded Butterfly
8. Sorry
9. Zeroland
Line up Lukasz Myszkowski – vocals
Sebastian Rokicki – guitars
Michal Pietrasik – bass
Krzysztof Bentkowski – drums