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Cephalic Carnage - Weed, a pipe, no questions, and a lot of fun!
As I visited the Power Fest I of course had to interview the most extreme band of that day; my friends from Cephalic Carnage. When all the bands had played, Lenzig and me sat ourselves outside, pulled out our bags of weed, lit up a pipe and started talking. I hadn’t had the time to prepare anything decent, so there naturally is a lot of bullshit in this interview, again. Unfortunately there’s a lot of background noise since we were sitting outside, so I’ll try o make the best of it I can.
So tell me, what will happen for Cephalic Carnage in the next couple of months?
‘We’re gonna play a couple of shows, then write songs, and then get on the road, we got a couple of weekend shows with a band called Brujeria. We’re gonna go to California and play with them. We just have to start writing more after that until we have enough material to make another full-length. We hope to have it out next year.’

How come your set tonight was so short?
‘Our new bass player has done like two rehearsals with us, and then we went on tour. He hasn’t learned that many songs yet, so that’s the reason why we couldn’t play any more. But it’s good to have a bass player again.
So how’s your old bas player Jawsh doing then?
‘He’s good, I went to see one of his other bands recently, I don’t remember which one. It was cool.’
Okay, I’m about out of questions now, what do you wanna talk about?
‘Uhm, how long would it take you to ride your bike from here to Venlo?’
Well, it takes an hour by train, so by bike it would take you like more than half a day I think, haha!
‘Yeah but if you were listening to Sleep while riding your bike, it would take you a lot longer.’
You mean Sleep from the album Dopesmoker?
‘Oh yeah, high five on that one!'
What do you think of the new High On Fire record then?
‘Awesome, it’s very brutal. But now I’m really looking forward to doing new songs, like we got this new song called ‘Endless Cycle Of Violence’, it’s a really brutal song with like a different kind of brutal aggression, just fucking heavy. And we’ve got a song called ‘Weather Machine’, it’s a about a machine used to manipulate the weather. Like making hurricanes and stuff.’
But how about the doom record, how’s that coming along?
‘We already started out writing parts of it, but it’s not on our top priority list. There’s other things we need to do, like writing the next full-length, that’s way more important. We had to re-negotiate our contract with Relapse, so when that comes out it’ll be on Relapse Records.’
I heard rumours about you not being satisfied with Relapse Europe.
‘No, we love Relapse, Wilko is a cool motherfucker. No problems with them. Ik hou van Relapse Europe!’
He, good Dutch man!
‘Ik haat nep posers.’

Haha cool! And how about that DVD you're supposed to put out?
‘It all relates back to that contract. We had to get that done to be able to work on that stuff. But it will all work out eventually. And it’s hard to write songs like we have, so that takes a lot of time. And with the next record it’s gonna be even harder. We already got an idea for an album title, can't tell you anything about that yet.'
And that was about all the info I could gather from this pile of chaos. Another lesson learned; don’t do interviews outside a festival venue where loads of drunk and stoned idiots are running around. Next time, we’ll go sit in the bus or something! Lenzig, thanks anyway for the chat and the smoke, next time we’ll do it better!