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Cephalic Carnage - Conforming To Abnormality (reissue)
This is the second time the out of print debut record from Colorado’s hydro-grinders Cephalic Carnage is re-released, this time with a shitload of bonus tracks. Conforming To Abnormality shows the rough shape of what Cephalic Carnage is today (see them at Neurotic Deathfest this weekend!), an insane grindcore death metal hybrid.
And indeed, the rough shape of this band is what Conforming To Abnormality holds, for when compared to their present playing material this is unquestionably of a lesser quality. Yet it holds their very essence, which is highly experimental grindcore and death metal with The Dillinger Escape Plan like song structures brought in a humoristic style.
The bonus tracks offer quite some entertainment, for they are from their split record with Anal Blast, plus two other tracks. These tracks are really dumb and are probably written and recorded in one day or something. Only the last track of the original record is missing, which is called ’17 Minutes Of Your Time’ and the only thing you’ll hear is a toilet flushing. Instead there’s the track ‘Dave’s Lunch’, which is a guy named Dave puking his lunch out. Good call.

But the last track (which is untitled) is really something, it’s sort of a country song with the chorus being ‘you shit on me, I’ll shit on you’ sang by their old bas player Jawsh (I think). Hilarious stuff. Play this record when you’re in for some good death metal comedy, if you don’t own it already.
Cephalic Carnage - Conforming To Abnormality (reissue)
No ScoreDetails Relapse Records
Released on Saturday May 5th, 2007

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday May 27th, 2008

Tags: #Cephalic Carnage
Tracklisting 01. Anechoic Chamber
02. Jihad
03. Analytical
04. Wither
05. Regalos de Mota
06. Extreme of Paranoia
07. A.Z.T.
08. Waiting for the Millennium
09. Live at Your Mom's House
10. Exhumed Remains
11. Britches
12. The Struggle
13. Trailor Park Meth Queen
14. Phantom Pharter
15. Strung Out on Viagra
16. Perversion and the Guilt After
17. Stepped in Cow Shit Blues
18. Father Pederast
19. Once More Without Feeling
20. Untitled
21. Untitled
22. Shut Up
23. Novacaine (Re-Installing Teeth)
24. Shrump Po' Boy
25. Celebrate
26. Occular Penile Recepticle
27. Dave's Lunch
28. Untitled
Line up Lenzig Leal - Vocals
John Merryman - Drums
Nick Schendzielos - Bass
Zac Joe - Guitars
Steve Goldberg - Guitars