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Cephalic Carnage - Ik stop mijn music in your ears!
Again an interview with Cephalic Carnage?!? What the hell is wrong with you DemonDust?!? I don’t know, I just love to hang out with these stoners and chat about everything and nothing, and then just type it out for you guys to read. This interview indeed starts with me being the interviewee. Hope you enjoy!
‘What did you do for the train ride over here?’
Well first I read the paper for an hour and a half, then I did some stuff on my laptop, listened to music and stuff, and then I just stared out of the window for like another 45 minutes.
‘What music were you listening to?’
Cephalic Carnage of course, all the way here. To get in the mood you know.
‘So when you have to post something on Metalrage, do you have to type the script for it and everything?’
No man, everything’s set, I just have to add the text and additional info. Cool with you? No more questions then?
‘Nah, I thought you wanted me to interview you.’
Sure go ahead.
‘What’s it like living in Rotterdam as supposed to Venlo?’
Much better. There’s just more people there and way more things to do. Way more hot chicks man.
‘Ah, we need to play there! Okay, let’s do the interview than. That just there was Lenzig interviewing Luuk.’
Okay, so what have you guys been up to for the past year?
‘Done a little bit of touring, writing and recording our album Xenosapien and putting it out.’
What can you tell us about that new record?
'It’s eleven songs, a musical journey, it’ll take you to see places you might not have been. It’s got a bit of this and that, songs that we thought were really heavy. Overall heavy but fast songs, a bit of slow stuff here and there as well. John spent like three months doing drums for it. Were proud, we busted our asses for a long time. We just gradually gonna play some songs to promote it and get it out there.'
(Zac finds it funny to turn on the water tap during the interview, so that nobody can hear each other anymore)
But you guys changed your sound a bit, where in the past it was a bit messy and annoying, and I mean that in a good way, but now it’s way smoother and more easy to get into.
A little controlled chaos you mean. Well yeah this is the result of three months of recording it. We can do a whole lot more of that annoying chaos, right now we just wanted to focus on songs that you can put on a record that we thought people would wanna buy.’
Who are you gonna vote for with the next presidential elections?
‘Pffff, we don’t know yet. In America it’s not who you vote for, it’s who you vote against. Pick the lesser of two evils. But we’re not clear on this answer yet.’
Okay, good lucking picking a candidate then. Are there any guest performances on Xenosapien?
‘Yes, there is Jason Netherton from Misery Index, basically all the guys from Goatwhore. Bruce from The Accused came down as well.’
(there’s a couple of more guys that contributed to Xenosapien , but Zac’s next move to disturb our interview is more successful as he starts to drum on a wooden table nearby. John has to get up and take them away from him. Will that stop him…?)
‘We also had some guys from local death metal bands come by, there’s a shitload of people on this album, it was a lot of fun. Like usual.’
(Zac returns, eating a bag of crisps, incredibly loud, right next to my ear. Seriously, would you believe this guy!)
So what would each of  you now call your proudest moment with Cephalic Carnage?
Lenzig: ‘Playing with Accept and Dio. That’s like my highlight.’
Nick: ‘For me it would probably be Hellfest, or Slayer.’
John: ‘Slayer was good.’
Lenzig: ‘Slayer would be second though. Or maybe Megadeth.’
Okay, how are your buds coming along. Got any weed planted in your garden?
‘No man I have nothing at the moment. I planning out putting some seeds in my garden when I get back. Just put them in the back, go on tour and see what they look like when I come back. So yeah it will be some good sensimilla.’
So what do you think of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s political career so far?
‘Well I (Nick) know some people in California that say he’s the shit for them. And other’s say he sucks. We don’t really know, we live in Colorado.’
Next time I see you guys, I’ll bring you Hercules in New York. It’s like three euros here now, trust me you’ll die laughing.
(of course this leads to the conversation wandering off, they think Pumping Iron is Arnold’s first movie, which of course isn’t true, common knowledge I’d say. I kept my word and gave them Hercules in New York a couple of days after this show at the Neurotic Deathfest. Nick fortunately also answers my Arnold vs. Stallone question right, which makes him a better bass player of course)
So why do you guys think Britney cut of her hair?
‘Lice? Attention? Global warming? Let her take a drug test and we’ll find out! She’s just slowly slipping into insanity, there is nobody talking about her so she has to create some controversy. I’ll be a whacked out bitch in Hollywood too if everybody would wanna read about me everyday. It’s just an old Hollywood trick, you freak out and get it back together. First you have to hit rock bottom. Let’s hope she ends up in x-rated movies.’
Okay, last question then. What do you prefer, to be eaten alive or to be fistfucked to death?
All three of them: ‘eaten alive!’
Haha, everybody always picks eaten alive!
‘Dude you don’t wanna get fistfucked in your ass and die of that, fuck that man!’
(I don’t even know why I ask this question man…)
‘Okay it’s the end of the interview, like usual we need to fire up some buds man.’
Sure thing man, any last significant words for the interview?
‘Buy our record Xenosapien because we think you will like it, so will your friends, and your dog. Just check out the last song, it’s about dogs.’
What the last song, the one that isn’t listed on the tracklist?
‘Yeah, it’s called ‘Growl’ and it’s for dogs. For dogs, and/or vacuuming, haha. Play it to your dog, just watch, he will freak out. Dogs have shitty music, so we just wrote a cool song for dogs man.
And also buy a record for a friend. And one for your girlfriend and your mom, so buy four copies. That’s all we want from every person, is four copies. Check out our myspace and website. And say right on to Relapse, buy Relapse records. Hopefully you might get Guns ‘n Roses to tear it up this year.’
I already saw them last year.
‘How was it?’
Awful. But let’s wrap it up, last word now!
‘Ik stop mijn music in your ears. What did I say?’