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Suicide Silence - The new deathcore in town
At the Behemoth European tour that was raging in February, the young band from California, Suicide Silence, was their opening act. After hearing Suicide Silence's debut we were quite impressed so Metalrage decided to have a quick word with them before they had to go on stage. 

Europe isn’t yet familiar with Suicide Silence, can you tell what Suicide Silence is about?

“Yeah, we never toured in Europe. We’ve just been in the UK and that’s all the overseas we’ve been. Suicide Silence is just being totally brutal and punishing the mind to its full extent. Having a good time and destroy. We are pretty nervous whether the European audience will enjoy it too, because no one has seen us yet.”
You will be on the Rockstar Energy Mayhem tour which features big bands like Slipknot, Disturbed, Dragonforce and Mastodon. You got some negative reactions on your MySpace from your fans?

“Everytime you announce a big tour you have kids saying “oh you guys are sell-outs”. Well, if they want us to continue touring we have to do this, cause we can’t ride on our bikes to shows. You have to take these steps to keep building your band.”

The genre in which you operate, deathcore, is very crowded; it’s the new hype after metalcore.

“You’re dead on with that statement, there are so many bands and they keep coming. I guess there are five new deathcore bands a day! I just hope that deathcore will evolve so that it keeps being interesting”
So what sets Suicide Silence apart from all those other bands?

“We get that question all the time and it’s a hard one. We just like to do what we do and try to make you have good time too. We write songs on which you can bang your head all the time, without getting too complex. We like people to go totally crazy and not to just sit down and watch every little thing that’s going on like: “oh he missed that F sharp in the sixteenth note run”. Who gives a shit.”
What do you like more, tour with death metal bands or with death/metalcore bands?

“We toured with Sepultura, Bury Your Dead, Unearth, Darkest Hour but also with more brutal deathmetal bands like we are now on tour with Behemoth and after this we’re doing a tour with Nile. We try to mix it up to keep more kids coming; people from different scenes have to know what’s going on in other scenes cause they might just like it. So we like to mix tours up with as many different genres as we can.”
Your video, ‘The Price of Beauty’, which deals with plastic surgery, was banned by MTV.

“Yeah it was too graphic and the lyrical content was too graphic. Pretty strange because you can see this happen for real on TV and it’s obviously a fake ear that we’re cutting off in the video haha! It’s not like we really would cut some bitch's ear off.”
What?! You didn’t? That’s so totally not metal, you’re so fucking lame, let's get out of here!

“Haha, is that a disappointment? Well, let me tell you a story about another video then. We were on tour for three months straight and we had this one day off and we spent 20 fucking hours filming ‘Bludgeoned to Death’ and the next day we were headlining on the first day of the A Life Once Lost tour. It was one of the longest, hardest days of my life. The video is a live performance of two different settings, there might be some animation in it. It’s gonna be on Headbangers Ball somewhere in February, so this one will not be banned.”
As a finisher the famous lame DemonDust question: who do you prefer in movies, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone?

“Definitely Arnold, he’s got the famous one-liners, and watch him fuck that bitch in Conan. He really had that bitch, there was no way he was faking that. Besides that, his movie Pumping Iron about his weight lift career will make you laugh so fucking hard. He is our gouvernor and gave birth to a baby in Junior. I still wonder where the baby came out of. I hope he just barfed the bay out with the umbilical cord hanging out of his throat, that would be brutal.”
Details Written on 2008-03-04
Writer @Sledgehammer Messiah

Tags: #Suicide Silence
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