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Suicide Silence, Thy Art Is Murder, Fit For An Autopsy, Facelifter - A duo which played together before and is a good combo!
For the second time this year Suicide Silence came to the Netherlands, and they brought along Thy Art Is Murder. Together they had already destroyed Patronaat in Haarlem and now they bundled their strengths for another show, this time in Dynamo, Eindhoven. They also brought along Fit For An Autopsy and Facelifter. These bands seemed to be the perfect ingredients for an awesome evening.

When I walked in, Fit For An Autopsy had just started their set. This was quite a pity, since I had been curious about Facelifter, a local band. They gained a lot of publicity with their guerrilla gig at the central station of Eindhoven a few months ago, which is why I wanted to see them perform. Nevertheless, it was a very good start of the evening. Fit For An Autopsy played quite well and best of it all, they played very heavily. They played a more rhythmic version of normal deathcore and the band seemed to enjoy their evening, as did the crowd. There were some moshpits and many people kept banging their heads. Nothing outstanding, just a solid performance.

After this first wall of sound, it was time for the co-headliner of the evening. To no surprise, Thy Art Is Murder had brought some fans to the venue and from the first song there were several moshpits, hardcore moshers and stagedivers in the crowd. The band played many songs from their last two albums, and sadly none of their older songs. Although people knew this band and their songs quite well, I doubt anybody could understand the lyrics. It was very clear that the band didn’t try to pronounce everything correctly, but they did want to have a good time and they wanted the crowd to have a good time as well. This well-oiled deathcore machine destroyed the stage once again and left the crowd pumped for the headliner of the evening. Also keep an eye out for the next record by this band, because they revealed that there will be a song on it that will probably be about Amsterdam, and definitely about a prominent spot in Holland.

Earlier this year I already wrote that Suicide Silence is back and heavier than ever, and today the band proved that once again. They started off the show with two brand new songs: “Inherit The Crown” and “Cease To Exist”. The crowd wasn’t super familiar with these songs, because it seemed like they wanted to be convinced first. Nevertheless, the band kept playing like they’re used to and after these two songs they played their most well-known songs. “No Pity For A Coward”, “Wake Up”, “Unanswered” and “Fuck Everything” followed each other. The mosh pit kept on going and stage divers kept on diving. When someone in the crowd asked for a wall of death, Eddie didn’t hesitate and said that it was a good time. Circle pits, hardcore moshers and moshpits succeeded each other and the band seemed to enjoy everything. The band and Eddie were attuned and they both proved that they perform like beasts. Playing really tightly and mostly having fun together is the perfect blend for an awesome performance. After the songs “Bludgeoned To Death”, “Slaves To Substance” and “Disengage” Eddie said to the crowd: “We hope you like the next song. If not, it doesn’t matter, we just love to play it.” This song was yet another new one, called “Sacred Words”. It was quite different from the rest of the set, but also good in its own way. This song was followed by “You Can’t Stop Me”, in my opinion the best single the band has released from the new record. After this song it was time for Eddie to speak to the crowd again, which he did very often today, thanking the crowd also. This time he said: “Other bands leave the stage and want you to yell as loud as you can. We don’t, we’ll just play this next song and we’ll say hi afterwards.” They ended with the song “You Only Live Once”, a very awesome end to this good evening.